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2020 fall-winter men's shoe trends - dmodot Shoes

2020 fall-winter men's shoe trends



Hot chocolate, hoodies, cups of calming tea, crisp and cool air with colourful pretty leaves strewn around creating a rustic carpet for the snow to step on. Fall and winter are the seasons of cosiness, love, peace and calm. It is the time for quiet inspiration to strike and maybe even long-walks for a few. They are also the trickiest of temperatures and hence require sturdy yet classy footwear.


There are always variations in the trending footwear styles for men but how often can you find long-lasting shoes focused on your comfort? Dmo brings to you long-lasting full-grain leather shoes in different styles and colours to match your clothes, mood or the season. Let’s have a look at a few of them: 

  • Sneakers: 

  • We all know sneakers are here to stay. They are the most chic and versatile pair of shoes available.  They go with all outfits without discrimanation. They will keep your feet dry and happy.

  • Loafers:
  • The Sapphiro loafers by dmo are one of the most durable, comfortable and stylish footwear for men trending in 2020. The simplistic design combined with handpicked leather boasts of a perfect fit. They are vintage with a twist and have anti-skid leather soles that keeps you from slipping in the snow. The colour, believe us, is complimenting the weather 100%.

  • Oxford Brogues: 
  • Azzuro Oxford Brogues is a part of the original collection by dmo. Available in other colours it is one of the most beautiful pieces. A natural leather sole adds class and style. These shoes are toe-tappingly amazing and make for a good pair in our fall-winter wardrobe. You guessed it! They are anti-skid too.


  • Monk- Straps: 

    In monaco elegance, we bring to you monk-strap shoes. The little bling and suede chic makes it an interesting pairing for your fall-winter wardrobe trends. A little on the formal side they bring about a timeless look. 

    These all pairs are durable, comfortable and affordable. They never go out of style and with good care can last for years and years to come. Hope you have a wonderful fall-winter season and enjoy them to your best.

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