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4 casual footwear styles for 2021 - dmodot Shoes

4 casual footwear styles for 2021



Over the last decade, a trend of themes has emerged in the mens’ footwear industry. Earlier majorly dominated by women footwear the fashion industry is evolving quite fast. With the continuous increase in the number of professionals across the globe, it has been observed that socialising has become a lot more than about the knowledge you possess in your particular field like about how you dress and present yourself.  

As it is said, “Good shoes take you good places”, we believe that the needs to adopted now more than ever. Most of us have had a lousy year and are expecting 2021 to be the year of change. So, we at dmodot thought about how we can participate in that theme and we decided to talk footwear, rather casual footwear for 2021 to show our optimism about the year being comparatively relaxing and happy and of course, we all need a vacation too. 

So, moving forward let’s talk about 4 casual footwear styles you can adopt in 2021:

  • Pelles (Leather Chappals):

    Leather chappals are more stylish, chic and classy than we give them credit for. Dmodot with their focus on reviving and bringing forth the Indian heritage and craftsmanship has brought to you their ‘pelles’ collection. The pair of chappal that you see in the image is a part of the pelle collection and is known as “pelle marrone”. The pelle collection is a fusion of the Indian heritage, vintage vivacity and modern charm. All designs under this collection are strategically created to maximise comfort. They are a perfect work-from-home companion and can be worn for light and fun outings as well. 
  • Sneakers:

    The sporting shoes have become so much more than what they started as. Today they can be worn with almost anything. They are available in many materials, colours and designs. We all want something unique, and something that is just ours. We provide you with an opportunity for the same. The sneakers by dmodot are handcrafted with full-grain crust leather from belarus. They are comfortable as they have memory cushion to help you through long hours.
  • Loafers:

    Oh! Loving those tassels on the ‘Verdo’ loafers by dmodot. Aren’t we? The loafers in itself are the coolest of footwear. They are easy to wear, are perfect for any casual or fun engagement or occasion. They are vintage but with a tangy twist of the modern age. They are elegance redefined for the new men. They are durable and can be worn for either daily dibble-dabble or for fun evenings. You can pair them with chinos, shorts, jeans, and semi-formal slim-fit suits. They go with everything casual. 
  • Hofflers:

    This is the definition of class and comfort. Free of constraints at the back, they are a perfect symbol for carefree and casual. Well, heels are not the only thing they vary in now. They can be found in multiple colours and designs, and you have the opportunity to design one for yourself with dmodot. They are trendy and can be paired with all types of attires. They are a perfect pair to have in your wardrobe. They are comfortable to wear as well because of the memory sole they all sport.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful and can find yourself a perfect collection of casual footwear that would make 2021 your year of fun and comfortable. Casual wear can be good too, you just have to find the right match. 

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