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4 Shoes that you need this party season - dmodot Shoes

4 Shoes that you need this party season


We all know and understand how tricky 2020 has been for all of us. So we wanted to do something special for our dots. With 2020 coming to an end we would like everyone to have a memorable last month of the year and enter 2021 with wonderful memories, and of course, we would like dmodot to be a part of that celebration. Well, we don’t expect to be at your parties personally rather just through our products. 

We have always prided ourselves on our handcrafted leather product collection that is created with both a love for leather shoes and our customers. One thing we believe that even though we pride ourselves on our quality and reality, we do not believe in pretentiousness at any level.

So, now that we have discussed what we want, let us talk about when and how of it all. Both Christmas and new year are on the horizon and with the wedding season at its end, people are all set to put away their traditional attires and bring out all the modern show-sha!  We, of course, are in favour of it all and have 4 shoes that we believe you definitely need this party season: 

  • Monkstraps:

    A dress shoe made for the busy lives of our amazing dots. A  monkstrap is secured shoe with buckles rather than laces. It is available in a single or double strap. The ‘Domo Bordo’ shown in the image is a double coloured, double strapped monkstrap shoe. Monkstraps are less formal than say a pair of oxfords but adds a twist to your attire. You can pair them with both formal and semi-formal attires. They can prove to be fun at a party depending on what you pair it with. The monkstraps by dmodot are comfortable to wear for longer durations as the insole is extra cushioned. They are available in multiple colours and design under the Dameriino Studio Collection by dmodot.

  • Brogues:

    Ah! The Brogues are the best friend of the modern man! They are the kind of shoes that can fit well in any occasion that would need you to dress impeccably or as it has been quite eloquently put present you as a gentleman. Well, on that note we do believe that you should also have the characteristics of a gentleman, just dressing up as one won’t earn you the title.
    The pair of shoes that you see in the image is a dameriino collection special ‘chocolatto’ by dmodot. If you are not scared of standing out, these are the shoes for you. Pair them with a suit or a jeans-leather jacket combo for party time! You will look absolutely stunning and out of this world. You are going to be the talk of the party, in a good way of course. 

  • Loafers:

    Well! Well!Well! Look what we got here. These ones remind me of the Mithun Chakraborty’s Disco song, every time, I see this pair. The name of this particular loafer is Diso Noir. This is a special collection by dmodot for the special dots that like to shine bright.
    The dmodot loafer collection also has other designs and colours that might surprise you. The beautiful leather loafers by dmodot are perfect for any party attire. These are the shoes made for celebrating life. 

  • Sneakers:

    The sneakers have proved to be quite sneaky over the years. They started as a very informal or sporty pair of shoes but today they have officially achieved semi-formal status. I know they should be quite proud of themselves you know. I know I am. Anyways ending the proud fest, the sneakers in the image you see are a special dmodot product known as ‘lustro’. As you can see they are very shiny and lustrous and make for an awesome party companion. They make you shine both metaphorically and literally. They are a perfect fit for your glamorous and happening party seasons. All sneakers by dmodot have memory cushion and are quite comfortable to wear for longer durations. 

I believe we have given you quite a few options to look through. These shoes are available in multiple designs and colours for you to choose from. If you don’t feel down with any of our designs then you have an option to design your own shoe as well. So, we don’t believe it gets better than that. Are you ready to party then?  

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