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5 Best Spring and Summer Footwear Trends 2020 That Deserve Your Attention - dmodot Shoes

5 Best Spring and Summer Footwear Trends 2020 That Deserve Your Attention


Spring and summer are traditionally associated with heaps of sunshine and sunnier hours in a day. However, these seasons also bring their own kind of fashion perks and tend to be more vibrant than dreary or dismal winter. This 2020, endless cycles of things are coming back in fashion while retaining the concept of versatility and breathability. Like the garment industry, the footwear industry is also enjoying a renaissance. Over the years, the minimalist leather kick has conquered the footwear industry during spring and summer. Nonetheless, these seasons are bringing abundance of options making it an unnavigable minefield. 

Explore the exclusive collection of aesthetically pleasing summer footwear at Dmodot that characterizes simple-chic designs to keep the summer spirit alive. We, at Dmodot, feature seasons’ latest style right from the high-street to ace any mega celebration. If you are abiding by the ultimate spring/summer bucket list, make sure you choose Dmodot in order to enjoy spring/ summer in a seamless way. 

Chelsea Boots 

This 2020, your feet need something fun, functional, as well as fashionable. Chelsea boots which are considered versatile due to its clean and elegant designs make it a great wardrobe staple. Moreover, these boots are splurge-worthy that you won’t regret investing in. 

Are you scrolling through endless alternatives to glow-up your shoe cabinet? Look no further than Dmodot that offers the latest collection of Chelsea Boots like Sprazzo Marrone, Sprazzo Nera, and much more available at unbelievable prices. 


Sneakers are always contemplated for their comfort, durability, and sturdiness. Team up your fancier dress with casual sneakers like Fresco, Cherno, and Bianco in order to achieve the most transitional look. Hit the streets with the timeless sneakers that will never go out of style. Add an extra dash of edge and off-duty sophistication with Dmodot that offers a wide range of options like a dapper-man. 


Peshawari Chappals are one of the drool worthy-summer trends that deserve to be on your radar. Employing centuries-old methods of craftsmanship, these chappals are now becoming a household name suitable for all age groups. Ranging from traditional kurtas to jeans, Peshawari Chappals will undoubtedly make you stand out in any crowd. 

Discover the unique collection of Peshawari Chappal for instance Pesha Marrone, Pesha Bruno, and Pesha Fronzo at Dmodot that lets you stroll down the street in style. 

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Loafer was pondered to be the heels with a relatively low profile. Over the years, the right pair of loafers has garnered immense popularity over its reflection of antiquity that takes you back to the days of Wildsmith’s shoes. As always said “your shoes are as good as the laces they’re attached to”, however, fashion is a social phenomenon always appreciated for fun, fashionable, and universally appealing designs. Nowadays people are actually preferring lace-less shoes in order to achieve a relaxed and minimalist experience. This year, enhance your style quotient with Bordo, Noir, Penno Sapphiro, Motivo Morrone, and much more available at Dmodot. 

Modern Mojris 

Notoriously known for its shoe bite, Modern Mojris are incredibly comfortable adorned with vibrant colors. These footwear also satisfy your aesthetic purposes and also ensure durability for long walking. Evolved into a desi version of slip-on loafers, Mojaris allow you to sizzle in your summer attire. If you are intending to take your style to the next level, Dmodot is a one-stop-shop for ethnic and traditional footwear crafted by the skilled artisans of India. Some of the best Mojris that you cannot afford to miss are Ethnico Nera, and Ethnico Bronzo. 

The Verdict

One can create the best memories with supportive soles and thick straps that not only resonate through feet but also mind and soul. No wonder, Dmodot offers one-of-a-kind chic footwear options that let you redefine your spring and summer style like never before. 

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