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5 Dope Way to Style Your Sneakers in 2020 - dmodot Shoes

5 Dope Way to Style Your Sneakers in 2020



Sneakers for everyone without discrimination are the symbol of chic and comfort. Sneakers in the last couple of years have wormed its way in the category of formal and wedding footwear as well. It is like a ‘Sneaky Sneaker Revolution’. It crept its way in and now it has become irreplaceable as sneakers never go-out of style. 

They are the versatile staple which can go from cute to comfy, casual to business in a simple second. So, with dmodot we introduce to you 5 dope ways to style your sneakers in 2020.

  •  Tranquillo:

  • This lightweight sneaker by dmodot named ‘Tranquillo’ brings peace not only to your eyes but to your feet as well. Pair them with denim shorts when out for some fun in the sun or a dapper slim-cut grey suit to complete your chic business casuals look.

  • Fresco:


    A timeless pattern to bring to you a hip sneaker with a memory cushion sole to keep you comfortable from the early morning meetings to late night party scenes. Wear it with a dashing suit or with a jeans-leather jacket combo, all you will feel throughout the day is fresh and ready to take on the world. 


  • Zippo Doppio: 

    Zippo Doppio or Double Zipper black sneakers are a masterpiece by dmo. The minimalist design brings out the sleakness and class of the shoes and the owner itself. Wear them with literally anything and you will ooze class and style and maybe a little bit of danger! 

  • Bronzo: 

  • Our trusted bronzo is the best of friends you can have. They are fun and chic and go about well with jeans, chinos or shorts. The double-colour tone of the sneaker with a juxtaposition of white soles make them stand-out. Sleek, fun and outdoorsy, what more is needed.

  • Lustro: 


    The one and only sneaker made to up your glam game. The balance of chic and comfort you can find in dmodot’s lustro is one you will never find anywhere else. A blend of creative burst and outdoorsy fun lustro with insole memory cushion is the perfect choice for those days when you can’t wait to shine. 

    So hope you found some chic and happening styles to add charm to your footwear styling this year. Keep visiting us to know more about upcoming designs. All these shoes will elevate your style and stance wherever you go.

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