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5 Iconic Dance Moves Everyone Should Know - dmodot Shoes

5 Iconic Dance Moves Everyone Should Know


Dance moves

“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.”

Have you ever wanted to dance your heart out with someone special but felt way too shy of the fact that you aren’t a great dancer and what people might say? Well, you aren’t the only one. But dance is never about how great a dancer you are, it’s about enjoying the little moments with your loved ones, ‘It’s the heart of life.

However, social dancing can be hard, specially when you don’t have the right pair of shoes to accompany your moves. And today we will be discussing  some of the most iconic dance moves that are easy to get started with and then we will be pairing this dance moves with our collection of leather shoes that can get the heads turning, making you the focal point of the event:

Never miss a chance to rock the dance floor with Dmodot:

1. Two-step:

Don’t know what to do on the dance floor, don’t worry two-step has got you covered. A perfect dance move for those who are too afraid or shy to step up on the dance floor. The two-step dance move is exactly the way it sounds. 

Move one foot to the right in the first step and bring the other feet to meet it in the next step. Repeat the same steps in the left direction and that’s it. 

Dmodot footwear for the move: Now you know the move and it’s quite simple. Bronzo is our two-toned sneaker perfect to accompany your two-step dance move. 

2. Moon Walk

Who hasn’t ever tried Michael Jacksons’ iconic dance move? Well, almost everyone I think. While you may not get it perfectly, this dance move can get you the attention you deserve. To start with this move, place one foot in front of the other with a gap of about 4 inches. Then lift your back heel up to stand on your toe and slide your front foot backwards. Repeat this step and you now know the iconic Moonwalk.

Dmodot footwear for the move: While MJ did while formally dressed, the best pair of shoes from our vivid collection for this step would be our shiny Lustro.

3. Four Corners:

This dance move is perfect for couples looking to step on the dance floor. Start with pushing your right feet outwards diagonally while you push your right hip out in sync with it. Get your foot back and repeat the step with your left foot and hip, covering all the four corners in succession.

Dmodot footwear for the move: A funk dance move like the four corners would need a pair of funky shoes and this is where our versatile mud-coloured loafer Mustardo steps in.

4. Head Nod:

The simplest dance move for people who just wanna join the party. Simply nod your head up and down to a beat while you bend your knees in rhythm.

Dmodot footwear for the move: Subtle and classy, out monk strap Colorato is what you need to get eyes turning from your dance move to your stylish footwear.

5. Snap roll:

Right, left, snap!

Yes, that’s it. But remember to bounce your shoulders and tap your feet to get fancy.

Dmodot footwear for the move: For this fancy move I would prefer flaunting the evergreen Chelsea Sprazzo Nera.

Summing Up:

Be it a family function or a night out with your gang, dancing together with your favourite people can lighten up occasions even more. Try these dance moves while dmodot takes care of your styling game.

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