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5 iconic shoe styles for men - dmodot Shoes

5 iconic shoe styles for men


Shoes are like mini capsules for time travel. The designs, the structure, the pattern of every shoe has it’s own origin, it’s own history. The shoemakers in the past used to be artists, they used to make everything from utilitarian shoes for the poor to designer shoes for the wealthy, and it all used to be hand-stitched, every shoe a piece of art. 

We at dmodot wanted people to share in our love for footwear and experience the richness in the shoe culture that the work of our hardworking and talented shoemakers have imbibed. 

Today, we here will discuss 5 iconic shoe styles that we believe men can never go wrong with: 

  • Loafers: 

    The loafers are the preferred shoes of modern men. They give off a nonchalant vibe. They add to the class and luxury yet seems laid-back. The loafers are just effortless and timeless. They are without shoelaces. The loafers by dmodot are made from the smoothest leather and are really stylish. They are available in multiple designs, patterns and with different accessories like tassels. They are a sight to behold. Handcrafted with love and care for our dots and their feet.


  •  Chelsea Boots: 

    These boots are ancient. They have been existence far longer than any of us or our great-grandparents even. They have been worn not only by kings and queens but also by celebrities, bands and local people. They have a design which is evergreen. They can be worn for any occasion based on the colour and design you choose. Plain black Chelsea boots are sleek and modern and can be worn to any formal occasion. At dmodot we bring to you a few different styles to choose your favourite from.  


  • Brogues:

    These shoes are the most preferred by the men today. They strike the perfect balance between the formal and casual. One pair of shoes can be worn on multiple occasions. They are a godsend. They are comfortable, classy, vibrant and open to interpretation. At dmodot we have a varied selection of Brogue shoes in different colours and designs. You can choose one or many, to your heart’s content. These shoes stand out individually very well. They are made of full-grain leather and have memory cushion. They are perfect for a long day filled with activities. 


  • Oxfords:

These are your office pairs. They are perfect for any formal occasion. They are shoes which exude confidence. They are your powerhouse. They make you look like you know you are doing and you are good at it. They make you stand strong. The oxfords mostly look amazing in black and brown. These two colours work so well that no other colour can compete. The oxfords by dmodot are made from leather of Indian Origin. They are strong and dependable. They are long-lasting. No formal dress-up is ever complete without a perfect pair of nice shoes. They work best with all kinds of formal attires. 

  • Sneakers:

    Sneakers are the youth and fashion icon of the decade. Since the day they came into existence to today they have stood their ground and have climbed the ladder of success quite fast. At dmodot we provide you with simplistic and sensible designs of sneakers that allow you to wear them to any formal or casual occasion. These designs are specifically made keeping in mind our busy dots and their schedules. They are comfortable to wear and perfect for long hours of working, travelling or shopping. 

Hope you now know what shoes are a must-have for you. These shoes are worn by people almost daily but have not their shine and lustre. Keep reading and visit our store to see some amazing designs by our artists.

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