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5 Trending Leather Footwear for 2020 - dmodot Shoes

5 Trending Leather Footwear for 2020


Even if you believe that there is always room for one more pair of shoes, you can undoubtedly acknowledge yourself as a certified shoe addict. This 2020, rescue the trendiest pair of footwear which are actually winning the hearts of millennials and planning to dominate throughout the year. Last year, animal print, Teva-like sandals, hot coral, high-heeled combat boots, flip flops, Seafoam green, and square-toed shoes dominated. However, the footwear industry is continually experiencing renaissance and minimalist leather is expected to conquer once again. 

Discover the unique collection of aesthetically pleasing footwear at Dmodot which offers an abundance of leather options that can actually glow-up your shoe cabinet. We, at Dmodot, offer premium handcrafted leather footwear by employing highest quality materials available at unbelievable prices. These footwear will undeniably reveal your hidden disposition of reliability, and sense of commitment. Following are 5 standout trends that we’ve dug out by incorporating comprehensive research. 

Leather Chappals

The story of leather craftsmanship starts right from curing, soaking, painting, liming, fleshing to final grading. This multiple stage of shoemaking leads to the formation of gorgeous and intricate antique shoes. Dmodot offers eye-catching leather chappals to raise your style quotient a notch up with the diverse collection of leather chappals which include Pelle Francia, Pelle Bruno, Pelle Marrone, Pelle Noir, and Pelle Cherno. These leather chappals offer sartorial elegance for desi styles. 

Browse our sassiest selection of leather chappals that affirms style and design. 

Leather Sandal 

One of the oldest forms of footwear, leather sandals have been footwear staples over the decade. The designs of leather sandals evolved with the shift in social norms, culture, and politics. The story started right from the days in Oregon in the United States and crossed the boundaries. This year, enjoy trending leather sandals for a long solitary walk across the beaches, streets, and let you stand out in a crowd. 

Discover the filtered collection of leather sandal at Dmodot which is a one-stop-destination for leather sandals inclusive of Pelle Nera and Pelle Doppio. Also ensure to put leather sandals on your radar to ace any mega celebration.

Modern Mojris 


The timeless style of modern mojaris are based on traditional inspirations that harmonize well with festive, ethnic, traditional, and casual wear. The right pair of modern mojris also amp up modern style statements. Get ahead of the game by shopping at Dmodot that lets you feel the pulse of fashion 2020. Get a distinctly polished look with Ethnico Nero and Ethnico Bronzo that will elevate your desi avatar. This 2020, add a kick to your whimsical choice of footwear with Dmodot that brings to the table the sassiest collection of modern mojris that makes it an unnavigable minefield. 

Peshawari Chappals 

Peshawari chappals are actually making waves in Indian markets. Being one of the splurge-worthy footwear, Peshawari Chappals are worth the investment. These chappals are contemplated to be the chappal of two cities by incorporating centuries-old methods of craftsmanship. Add an extra dash of elegance with iconic Peshawari chappal at Dmodot. Our incredible collection of Peshawari Chappals includes Pesha Fronzo, Pesha Borgogno, Pesha Caro, Pesha Broguo, and much more. This curated selection of Peshawari Chappals symbolizes contemporary meets tradition. 

Oxford Shoes 

In 2020, Oxford shoes will remain drool-worthy. It will reflect antiquity, aesthetic purposes, and durability that would resonate to offer life-changing experience. The signature details of Oxford shoes can be identified at Dmodot which stands boastfully on Netto, Chocro, Cognaco, Capto Assisino, Capto Bruno, and Capto Grego.  These shoes will undoubtedly optimize your fashion. 

The Verdict

It’s time to get inspired from the aforesaid trends in order to get impeccable shoe looks. This year, make sure you get the greatest indulgence with a one-of-a-kind footwear collection to transform your shoe cabinet like never before. 

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