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9 Ridiculously Stylish Groom's Shoes - dmodot Shoes

9 Ridiculously Stylish Groom's Shoes



A wedding is a momentous day for both the bride and the groom. The brides across the globe take care of each and every small detail of their attire and accessories for the day and we believe it’s time the groom’s do the same.  

The times are changing, it’s the period of revolution and we believe that groom’s are in need of one. Many groom’s still wear the standard uniform of black suit and black shoes and in India the traditional Juti but we want men to have the freedom to be themselves on their own wedding day.  

The footwear you choose reveals your personality and helps you be your own person. We have a few options that you might like, but remember to keep in mind your personality and comfort before you choose. It’s not about what’s perfect for the wedding but for you.  

Let us show you what we have to offer:

  • Marjoris

    Incredibly elegant, these tan mojris are a dream for long hours of wear, making it an essential accessory for the wedding season. The lovely earthy tone of the Ethnico Bronzo complements a variety of looks, making these shoes super versatile - perfect for a groom, the groomsmen and a wedding guest alike.


  • Peshwari’s

    Peshawaris, the time-tested understated footwear to match your ethnic outfits.They are modern and chic and fit in well in your daily life too. They are a cross between traditions and modern comfort. 


  • Hofflers

  • Slip into something dapper with least effort. The hofflers are an intersection of sleek, functional and stylish footwear. They provide a cross between cultures. They support the elegance of a traditional wedding attire in a chic and formal manner. They are the perfect fit for a modern man.


  • Chappals - Pelles

    It really doesn't get more minimal and stylish than the Pelle Noir. Are you a connoisseur of simplicity and minimalism? If yes, then this is it for you. The Pelles’ by dmo comes in many designs and colours, choose your heart’s desire and be comfortably you.


  • Loafers

    Loafers play the royalty to the last, be it in velvet, leather or suede. They are a perfect fit for ethnic attires. If you aspire for comfort, class and elegance well, look no further.


  • Monk Strap Shoes

    Monk-strap shoes are the new rage. They are modern and sleek, stylish and classy, what better to add a little swag to your ethnic attire. Available in different colours and patterns you can mix and match.


    • Handcrafted Brogue Shoes


    The Tan Brogues are versatile across light and dark colours. They add a certain chic to your suit. Nothing spells classic like a pair of black brogues. It sits extremely comfortably on your feet to get you through a busy day. Either choice in colour will add character to your wedding attire.

    • Oxfords


    Minimalistic yet strong, the oxfords are marked with simplicity and power. They can see you through any formal event without tiring. They are equally comfortable as they are classy. They fit amazingly well with ethnic wear.

    • Black Patent 


    Shining bright is not for the faint-hearted! Black Patent shoes are created for special moments like a wedding day. You cannot go wrong with pairing black patent’s with an attire of any colour. All you need to know is if they represent you.

    We believe each and every option mentioned overlaps in characteristics one way or another yet represents each individual uniquely. We hope you find the perfect fit for your wedding day!

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