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A Working Mother - The Epitome of Strength - dmodot Shoes

A Working Mother - The Epitome of Strength


Being a mother has never been easy and as the times have changed, so has a mother’s job. Now women are stronger than ever and apart from being a responsible mother, they are following their passion and working too. Women are professionally everywhere. From the company CEOs to being a sportswoman, they have conquered it all. But most importantly, they are still being the same responsible mother they have always been. 

This mother’s day let’s honour the great souls with a pair of great soles while the strong mothers of today continue to raise the great leaders of tomorrow. Now before we flaunt our collection for working women, here are a few features working women prefer, when choosing footwear for work:

  1. Lightweight that are easy to carry
  2. Versatile that go well with formal and casual dresses
  3. Comfortable to be carried all day long
  4. Bunion free
  5. High-durability
  6. Elegant finishing with proper stitching
  7. Firm inner soles
  8. No smelly feet after being worn for all day long which is one of the qualities of high-grade leather footwear.

DmoDot’s leather footwear collection for passionate mothers:

Slippers & Sandals

While work can be hectic, many professional women prefer carrying a minimalistic footwear style to the workplace. Slippers and sandals are the perfect lightweight footwear choice for such women who love experimenting with different outfits as these versatile beauties go well with dresses, cuffed-up chinos, shorts, and trousers. They can be easily worn all day long without any discomfort as the memory cushioned sole acts as a friend. 

What we offer:

  1. Pelle Noir

  2. Pelle Marrone

  3. Pelle Doppio

  4. Pelle Nera


Leather type: Full-grain crust

Leather origin: Belarus

Sole: Lightweight TPR + EVA

Lining: Sheep leather

Insole: Memory cushion


Rs. 3,150.00

Peep Toe & Mules

Working women are in awe with heels as they can lift them up by a few inches, theory lifting their confidence. Since the 1940s, women have preferred to wear block-heeled peep toes but as more and more women have stepped into the professional world, these footwear have become a standard choice for such women. Both mules and peep toes are a woman's best friend as they can make a bold statement with the handcrafted chunky heels.

What we offer:

  1. Tacco Nudo
  2. Sandalo Nera
  3. Taco Marrone


Broad heels and anti-skid soles

Punched detail leather(Taco Nudo and Sandalo Nera)



Rs 3,999

Slip-on Sneakers

No footwear offers the comfort level of a quick and lightweight slip-on sneaker, when it comes to footwear for working mothers. Handcrafted leather sneakers are probably the most versatile and stylish footwear that can complement your cuffed up jeans-top combination as well as midi dresses for office with perfection.

What we offer:

  1. Rosa
  2. Cenere
  3. Castano


Upper: Cow Suede

Sole: Rubber Sole

Lining: Sheep Leather


Rs. 3,600

Summing Up

A mother’s contribution has always been vital towards the growth of our nation and as more and more mothers are taking over professional roles, the nation is getting stronger than ever. 

Let us be a part of this journey towards a new and better India!!

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