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Bespoke Leather Shoes - Is that Even a Thing - dmodot Shoes

Bespoke Leather Shoes - Is that Even a Thing



Handmade Leather shoes are always a delight to have. From attending a formal office meeting to dressing up all glam for your first date, leather shoes are everywhere. And now, the trends are getting even better as custom made leather shoes are a thing now!

Right from slicing out the leather piece of your choice to giving it the shape of shoe that you always wished to own, custom made leather shoes have now become every shoe-lovers’ go-to preference.

This blog will enlighten you with the benefits of getting your leather shoes customized. Moreover, you’ll also learn how you can get in touch with us to get your soles customized:  

Benefits of Bespoke shoes:

Choose your own leather:

Yes, that’s right!!

With customization, now you can choose from full-grain to suede to any other leather type as it all depends on you. Choose whatever appeals to your styling fashion and steal the show. 

Design your comfort on your own:

Finding the perfect sole-mate isn’t easy!!

Not all soles can suit your comfort level and can make your roads painful. But with custom made leather shoe options available, you get the opportunity to design your own shoes the way you want them to be. Keep a check on all the small details like feet width, perforation, etc that you need in your shoes, to make them a comfortable pair of footwear. 

Bunion free:

Bunion is a common deformity in the big toe of the foot, mainly caused due to uncomfortable footwear. But customization is the ultimate solution to take care of your feet. Some people have differently shaped feet and for them, finding the right shoe is a tough job. And with customization of shoes available, they have gotten an easy escape. All they need is to get their feet cast and have perfectly handcrafted leather shoes served to them. 


Style speaks volume!!

Not everyone loves every style. Some prefer going out of the box and this is where customization comes in. Some people have a keen eye for fashion and styling and they love getting their footwear designed in accordance with their styling needs.  

Higher ROI:

Compared to the premade leather shoes, customization has risen as a bliss for shoe lovers. When you buy a thing that is exactly like you imagined it, the happiness is just different. And this happiness just gets better when you get exactly what you paid for i.e. a return on your investments. 

How we do what we do:

Fill out the form:

So the process of getting your custom made leather shoes starts here. Fill out the details including your name, phone no. and drop us a message via our custom order page.

Get in Touch:

As soon as we get a custom request, our team will get in touch with you and fix an appointment for measurements.

Cast on your leg:

We design the shoe fully based on the cast of your leg. This not only ensures that the shoes are perfectly sized, it also makes sure that they fit in well without compromising the comfort level.

All these facilities are available at dmo studio. So now all you need to do is take a nice ride to dmodot’s studio and take your sole-mate home.

Finalize your bespoke shoe design: 

Once we have all that you want, we then combine our years of expertise to transform your preferences into soles. From covering the minute perforations to laying the final finishing touch, we never compromise on quality.

Get it home delivered:

Get ready to receive your customized leather shoe at your doorstep!!


    How do you take my measurements are you guys available in Pune?

    Anitya Mehta

    I need the studio address am in Pune

    Ashfaque sayed
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