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Black Shoes vs Brown Shoes - dmodot Shoes

Black Shoes vs Brown Shoes

In today’s world where things like business casual have become quite common, it's safe to believe that there is no shortage of colours for mens shoes as well. Almost every brand or shoe store can present any colour with various shades of them like an artist’s palette. 

However, black and brown are two colours that are the most versatile of all. Today we are witnessing a battle of the colours which will help us decide on the historical debate of Black Shoes vs Brown Shoes. 

The battle will be divided in 4 rounds i.e. the ground of formality, the age of existence, the dresser’s see-saw, and finally the final round of maintenance’s do or die. 

  • The Ground of Formality: No matter the n number of shades brown has none of them can cross black shoes in formality. The nearest that a shade of brown comes close to black in formality is dark brown. Black shoes are more dressier and classy. The lighter a shade of brown is, the more casual it will be.
  • The Age of Existence: The age of existence is basically like a battle of wills between the pre-existing shoes in your wardrobe. If you don't want to spend more and stick to the various colours you have, you can make everything work. It depends on your choice really. If you are wearing jeans and a leather jacket and you need to choose between a pair of say black monk-straps and brown loafers, well I believe brown loafers will be a better choice. What do you think?

  • The Dresser’s See-saw: The dresser’s see-saw talks about basically how the colours play both fields of dressing up and dressing down. Black shoes, my friend, here are at quite the disadvantage. Black shoes do not bode well with casual looks, only a handful of people can pull that one off. Browns have a little more room with shades of chocolate, tan, chestnut, etc. and are perfect for dressing down and do fairly ok with being formal. 

  • Maintenance do or die: Black shoes are easier to maintain as they come in only one shade. You can just brush off the scruff, polish them up and they are good to go. Browns are not that easy. The different shades of brown makes it trickier to find the perfect shade of polish. In case you use a darker colour on lighter shade you can ruin the leather for good. So be careful of the polish you use or the maintenance products you buy.

  • So, I guess no one wins and no one loses. Both black and brown have their own chic and charm. So, choose according to your wardrobe and your plans for the day and you will be good to go.

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