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Building a Leather Shoe Brand - dmodot Shoes

Building a Leather Shoe Brand



Great brands take time to grow!! 

Building a brand is not just any task, it’s a well-planned and well-executed process. It takes time, effort and most importantly perseverance. No successful brand has been built in just a day. 

Similarly, building a trustable leather shoe brand that people turn onto as their trusted sole-mates, whenever they are in need of one, also asks for so much. Today we’ll be discussing on the same and share your our experience of building a leather shoe brand:

Everything comes at a cost and success is no different!!

Love and passion for the art:

Shoe-making is not just any regular job, it’s an art. Building a brand starts with love and passion for the profession.

Initially founded by Abhishek Sharma in 2014, dmodot was originally named ‘Dameriino’. Myself Abhishek Sharma, Pranav Sawhney & Suhail Dhaul have been the ‘chief dots’ of the brand, with a common love and passion to build a name for ourselves in the handmade leather shoe industry. Apart from this, as Abhishek has even said earlier, ‘a clear gap in the market for affordable good quality fashionable shoes, prompted us to launch Dameriino.’

And here we are!!

Know your customer:

You can’t build a brand if you don’t even know for what section of the society will your product/services appeal to. When I first discussed this idea with Pranav, the first instant reaction from his side was ‘but who will buy from us?’

Well, that was the question we both didn’t know the answer to initially but as we progressed further, we understood that knowing our customers is very important. We further discussed and then during our initial days, we mainly targeted the young men who love fashion and have an urban lifestyle.

But as we have continued to grow, we invested in women's footwear as well as custom made leather shoes.

Brand story:

Every brand has a vision and a story behind its origin and it’s important to tell that.

Ours was simple and appealed to the people. We simply wanted the love for homegrown leather shoes to be accepted and adored by all shoe lovers. We were straightforward with our story and have delivered what we stand for. We take pride in everything we do to make our customers happy: from the high-quality material to the comfort they provide when you walk in the dots. 

Now coming onto the dots, they truly know it all:

“One tiny dot. Three tiny dots. From definite to unending, the dot knows it all. If you join the dots, it’s a line. If you join three, it’s a plan. A lover’s tiff ends with a dot, while an invitation for truce begins with three dots. It’s the beginning, also the end.”

“Like the dot, the simplicity of the dmodot shoe stands out. It’s alive, never distracting.”

Announce yourself: 

Yes, never jump in unprepared as planning is a must. And we did it no differently since we always knew that planning plays a vital role in building a brand. We too had our dilemmas and were skeptical of so many things. But again we planned well and didn’t just rush into things. It has been six years now since we were established and starting from scratch, and today we have even featured in Fashion magazines like Harper's Bazaar, The MAN magazine, mensXP etc.  

Build trust:

Good strategy and marketing grow businesses but trust is what brands are built on!!

Ever since our inception, building a trustworthy brand was our main motive. We dedicated the first year of our brand in exploring new ways to make us better by gathering continuous feedback from our male customers and then working on the same. 

Only after we built a loyal user base that trusts us, we announced ourselves online. And since the day we moved online, trust has only gotten better as we can now easily get in touch with our customers and listen to anything they have to say. 

What, how & why:

The first few questions that struck our mind when we first decided to step into the world of handcrafted leather shoes was “What we are going to do? how we will do what we will do? and why are we doing this?”

So the simplest answer we had to these questions were:

What- ‘Building our own handcrafted leather shoe brand that stands tall on the pillars of trust and quality.’

How- ‘Hard-work, consistent effort and continuous learning.

Why- ‘Simply because we have always been in awe with art and class and have loved passing it on even more. Handcrafted leather shoes have always been our love and so we stepped in to transform the industry.’

dmodot- Redefining Handcraftsmanship!!

It feels great to finally speak my heart out!!

The three dots started with the vision of one, growing continuously and building a brand where our customers trust us and we return the favour with quality, affordability and class, all stitched into a fine pair of homegrown leather shoes. 

Connecting the dots to dmodot!!

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