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Buyers Guide to Handmade Leather Shoes - dmodot Shoes

Buyers Guide to Handmade Leather Shoes



Hard work never goes in vain and Handmade leather shoes are the epitome of such hard work that combines aesthetic brilliance. A craftsman spends hours to design and manufacture a pair of shoes that appeals to the eye as soon as a shoe lover sets his/her sight on it. 

It isn’t an easy task to bring a sole-mate to life that walks with you even when the roads get tougher. It requires a keen eye for perfection to design and manufacture the right pair of shoes since too many factors have to be kept in mind. 

Through this article, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the craftsmen that have played a vital role in building dmodot as a trusted handmade leather shoe brand. 

Here’s what our artist’s hard work has to offer when you trust the dots: 

Why Choose handmade leather shoes over others:

Not mass-produced so high-quality:

Mass produced of leather shoes in the factories significantly lowers down the quality of the shoe. Moreover, there are chances that synthetic leather is being used. However, with our handcrafted shoes, we make sure that the finest materials and elegant detailing are never missed upon. 

Unparalleled Finishing:

Artists don’t miss out on the finer details and that’s the beauty of handmade leather shoes as they offer unmatched finishing to the shoes which can never be guaranteed when mass-produced. Each pair is crafted out with love and passion for the art.

Suit your own comfort with customized shoes:

With handcrafted leather shoes, you also get an option to customize your shoe, your way, that suits your styling statement. Choose the leather type you love, be it full-grain or suede, it's our job to design the best tailor-made shoes for you. Even though we have a lot to choose from but you don’t have to stick with just that, explore your own designs with our customise for you option.

Long-term Investment:

No other shoe type offers a better ROI than handmade leather shoes. These beauties are a long term investment that doesn’t lose their elegance over time as they have a strong character. Good leather quality used ensures that they are highly durable and respond well to even extreme weather conditions like the rainy season, summer season, winter season, etc. However, in order to build a strong relationship, you too have to play your part and take care of them by following simple tips.

Our Bestselling Handcrafted Masterpieces:

Here are some of the finest and bestseller handcrafted leather shoes that you can’t miss upon: 


Classic white sneakers that can be put on all days, on all occasions. 

Sprazzo Marrone:

Even 1000 years from henceforth, Chelsea Boots will still be a styling icon when it comes to men’s footwear.


A fine two-toned tan pair of sneakers, Bronzo personifies hand-craftsmanship and deserves to be in every man’s footwear collection.

Hoffler Cobalto:

Slip-on is an easy way to steal the show wherever you go. Just slide your feet in and leave the crowd in awe.

Ethnico Bronzo:

Being an Indian, you can’t miss to have a pair of ethnic mojaris that brings the best out of your traditional look.

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