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Celebrate your love with dmodot - dmodot Shoes

Celebrate your love with dmodot



February, across the globe, is known as the month of love. We have over the years come across so many campaigns by various shoe brands even before dmodot came into existence. One of the campaigns on valentine’s day talked about how shoes come in pairs because they are a perfect match and we completely agree. 

We ourselves are a product of love. We came into existence in 2014 as Dameriino and in 2018 on the 12th of February, that is in the month of love itself we introduced ourselves to the world as dmodot.  

Moving to dmodot from Dameriino, was a huge decision but a necessary one. We wanted to change our identity from an Italian brand to a brand that focuses on the Indian heritage of leather craftsmanship. 

Today, therefore to celebrate the month of love and another year of successfully fulfilling our dots desires of quality footwear, we bring to you a special collection of our dmodot leather shoes, famously known and found under the head of dameriino studio. 

Dameriino studio is a platform for those shoes that are too grand to be put under a simple category. Some of these shoes are:

  • Spectaro:
    The spectaro is a twin colour derby wingtip shoes. They are made with strong black and white full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is one of the most durable leather available. You can pair spectator with a white slim-fit shirt and skinny jeans or if you want to go for something a bit more tasteful then you can pair your contemporary derbies with a slim-fit tuxedo. We promise you will look indescribably handsome.

  • Azzurro Rosso: 

    The Azzurro Rosso is as exotic as it sounds. The name alone transports you to a world unknown. The contradictory colours of the blue leather and the red laces have been brought together by our artists in a complementary combination known as the Azzurro Rosso. This shoe has been a part of our studio right from the beginning of our journey and hence, holds a special place in all our hearts. Hence, it is a part of this special love collection this February.


  • Tannino: 

    The lovely tan brogues by dmodot are a sight for sore eyes. Any shoe lover will love the intricate patterns on this lovely pair of full-grain leather shoes. They are sleek and stylish, a choice of every modern-day man for everyday use and at times for even special occasions like a date, a party, etc. The tan colour gives these pair an edge as you can pair them with any lower like trousers or jeans in both dark and light shades. Their colour and style make them a versatile pair. They are a perfect pair for a long day as the insole is made from a memory cushion which provides your feet with added comfort.


  • Somerso: 

    Ah! The somerso is a beautiful peace of art. I often describe it as black beauty. This particular shoe is the very definition of class, style and luxury. This particular shoe is made from smooth hide leather. This minimal piece, made in high-quality leather, is a statement piece with its think soles, derby laces, and gentle gradient shape. This shoe makes you look calm, confident and sophisticated. Hence, is a perfect pair for any formal event you might have to attend.

Every pair of shoe at dmodot is created and handcrafted with love not only for shoes but for our customers, our dots. This valentines week, in this month of love all we want, is to celebrate love and make a promise to our dots of more and more shoes made with love and high-quality leather. We want to share the joy that we know a good pair of shoes can bring to us all.

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