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Classic Shoe Styles for the Modern Gentleman - dmodot Shoes

Classic Shoe Styles for the Modern Gentleman



A man is born, becoming a gentleman is a choice!!

A decent outfit can level up your dressing game any day but without a classy pair of shoes, you won’t be doing justice to the outfit. All it needs to brighten up any occasion is a fine-looking pair of leather shoes that goes perfectly well with the outfit. 

A gentleman dresses to impress but it isn’t that easy. However, when you have the right pair shoes, the task gets a lot easier. And today, I will be sharing with you some of the best classic shoe styles that will get you the spotlights on all occasions.

How to lace up like a gentleman:

Leather breathes like no other footwear product does and is therefore a wardrobe staple for every gentleman. Whenever we talk about styling, leather footwears are already right there on the top of the list and the best part is that they come in so many different styles, using various grains of leather, making them the most versatile footwear that go perfectly well with all outfits. 

Here are some of the classic shoe styles one can pick up from to dress like a modern gentleman:

Chelsea Boots:

With origin dating back to almost 200 years back, Chelsea boots have been the most simple and sophisticated pair of leather shoes that have been preferred by gentlemen all around the world. Be it a business meeting or a date with your lover, Chelsea boots can be put on to suit all occasions. If you are a shoe lover, you know for a fact that Chelsea Boots are simply the most aesthetically pleasing pair of footwear humans could’ve ever invented.


Minimalistic yet dapper, Loafers aren't going out of style any time sooner. From casual dressing to rocking formal outfits, loafers are undoubtedly the most versatile pair of shoes and can’t be overlooked by a gentleman. 

Talking about their history, the first-ever loafer is believed to be designed by the company named Bass Weehun in 1936 and ever since, undergoing a number of iterations, loafers have become a styling icon. 

Oxford shoes:

These timeless classics have a history going back to 1825 where they were quite a common footwear choice among the students of Oxford (some claim differently). Even though originally common among students, Oxford shoes have become a gentleman’s shoe over time. The best thing about Oxford shoes is that the variety of shades they come in(black, tan, brown, etc) make them perfectly suitable for all occasions.

You wear chinos, trousers or a tuxedo, Oxford never disappoints you.


When it comes to handmade leather shoes, perforated Brogues are the masterpiece of hand craftsmanship. These pairs were designed to truly justify the fact why leather breathes as the perforations used to drain out any moisture and air present within. However, as time progressed, perforations have become an artistic staple.

Moreover, the availability of Brogues in designs varying from classic full Brogues to Quarter Brogues have made them adaptable to various modern gentleman outfits. 


The simplest yet elegant way to rock a gentleman’s look is by owning a pair of slip-on that are easy to slide in on the foot and compliment every dress code. These light-weight pairs of elegance touched with the grace of hand craftsmanship, book them a spot in every gentleman’s wardrobe.


Sneakers don’t need to sneak into the list of classic shoes, they are already there, killing every look from a rough and tough look to the best man's look.  Owning a pair of handcrafted leather sneakers is probably the best thing a man can flaunt. Sneakers offer a sporty yet classic gentleman look that can be put on with a variety of outfits, both formal as well as casual.

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