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Footwear for Kurta Pyjama: A Comprehensive Guide

Footwear for Kurta Pyjama: A Comprehensive Guide


Kurta Pyjama, a traditional Indian attire, resonates with grace, culture, and comfort. When styled correctly, it can make quite a statement. And while the fabric, color, and fit of the kurta are crucial, the footwear you pair with it can elevate your style quotient substantially.

Which Footwear Suits Kurta Pyjama?

When you think of a kurta pyjama, the footwear that comes to mind are the ethnic varieties that have graced the feet of Indian men for centuries. Here are some top recommendations:

  • Mens Best Chappals: Chappals are versatile and comfortable. They blend seamlessly with the relaxed vibe of the kurta pyjama. Perfect for casual outings or just a day out in the sun, they add a touch of simplicity and authenticity.

  • Ethnic Footwear for Indian Outfits: This range provides a diverse array of choices. From intricate designs to subtle elegance, they can be the show-stealers of your ensemble. They emphasize the ethnic essence of the kurta pyjama.

  • Best Leather Mojris for Traditional Outfits: Mojris or Juttis are quintessential footwear choices. Their ornate embroidery and design can be both flashy and understated, depending on the occasion. Pairing them with a kurta pyjama provides a royal touch.

  • Traditional Peshawaris For Men: With a legacy hailing from the region of Peshawar, these are sandals characterized by their two wide straps crossing over either side. Their traditional appeal and comfortable fit make them a favorite with kurtas.

What Footwear to Wear with a White Kurta Pyjama?

White, as a color, is the epitome of elegance, purity, and peace. A white kurta pyjama offers a canvas that most footwear can complement, but some choices stand out:

  • Leather Mules for All Occasions: Mules represent a blend of modern and traditional. Especially in tan or brown, they can contrast beautifully with a white kurta pyjama, offering a contemporary twist to the classic look.

  • Colored Mojris: A white background offers a chance to play with color. Vibrant mojris can add a pop of color and become the focal point of your outfit.

The Flip-Flop Debate

Now, a question that often arises is the appropriateness of flip-flops with kurta pyjama. While comfort is paramount and fashion is subjective, flip-flops might not always be the best choice. They lean heavily on the casual side and might diminish the ethnic gravitas of the kurta pyjama. Moreover, the alternatives mentioned above offer equal, if not more, comfort without compromising on style.


Selecting the right footwear for your kurta pyjama is much more than just a fashion decision; it's about blending tradition with personal style. It's about expressing oneself while paying homage to a cultural legacy. With the myriad of options available, especially from curated collections like those at Dmodot, finding the perfect pair is an exciting journey in itself. Remember, fashion is transient, but style is eternal. And with the right footwear, your kurta pyjama style will indeed be timeless.

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