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Footwear inspiration for this wedding season - dmodot Shoes

Footwear inspiration for this wedding season



Every year the wedding season has some new concoction brewing, the smell of which lingers in the air long after. After a long lock-down, I believe weddings are a welcome reprieve from the isolation we all experienced. This wedding season let’s do things a little differently and bring forth traditions and chic together in a groovy hit.

Being ethnically motivated we at dmodot have brought forth a few new footwear collections inspired by the peshawari elegance. The peshawari style along with its class & elegance is also known for the comfort and ease that  it provides on this busy day. 

Let’s take a look at the few of these enchanting options:

  • Pesha Marrone: 

A perfect blend of heritage and modernity with a delicately intricate weave along with an ankle-strap closure paired with a dark outfit will provide you with just the right amount of sophistication.

  • Ethnic Nero: 

These black mojris are a blessing in disguise, wear them for hours at end with no pain or discomfort. They are a perfect partner for the wedding season. They are one of our most versatile pairs, and can be paired with anything from a suit to traditional wedding outfits of any culture. A perfect blend of class, tradition and modernity. 

  • Pesha Fronzo Tanino: 

Pesha Fronzo is the perfect example of something unique. The fringe design gives it a royal look and invites respect. A delightful combination of modernity and tradition, they are a perfect fit for weddings as well as office wear.

  • Pelle Nero Verde:

The new gladiator inspired sandals are new in town. The star of casual-comfort yet wedding elegance, they provide you with a comfortable yet classy look. The sole of this particular masterpiece is crafted in three layers of tunit and eva sheet to maximise comfort for longer durations. I am getting a pair, what do you think?

  • Etnico Festo:

The earthy child with the soothing colour tones this pair is a little chic and a little hip. Made for long-hours, comfort and class is unchallenged in this one. The entrancing look and feel of this pair of mojri is a work of art and a necessary accessory for the wedding season. 

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