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Footwear styles for the wedding season - dmodot Shoes

Footwear styles for the wedding season


Wedding Shoes


So ya! It’s the wedding season! It's all happening in this chilled winter climate. You are all set for your clothing, accessories and more. When it comes to shoes you want to look dapper, complement your outfit, yet the most important thing is comfort. Yeah! Your shoes must be comfy so that you can last long on that Dance Floor. 

Whether you are a groom, a best man or guest at a wedding, these picks from dmodot have you covered. No more bearing the pain of those shoes that hurt. Just flaunt stylishly, and hit the dance floor while others just go wowww! If you're the groom and you don't wish to limp on your honeymoon then this must be your choice.  

Footwear styles for the wedding season:

Finding the most comfortable yet stylish shoes for the wedding season can take some trial and error. Here’s what to look for right from casual affairs, traditional ethnic to black tie only dress code. These are the most stylish and trending shoes this wedding season and sure to impress:


  • Peshawari classic:

    If Gatsby wore Peshawaris, know you he’d have chosen Pesha Borgogna. Every bit extravagant and stylish, this pair is a must-have if you’re brave enough to look a notch higher than usual.

  • Mules/Hofflers:                                                                                                                       

    At the intersection of sleek, functional and stylish, the Hofflers are your go-to shoes for all seasons. They're full bodied in the front with a chic vamp. Spend the summer pairing your Hoffler Cobalto with shorts or chinos, or use them with pyjamas for the lazy winter Sunday BBQ in the sun. And of course, it's the perfect shoe for the festival season with ethnic wear.     

  • Wholecut Oxfords:

  • Leather Shoes

    These shoes are best for black tie and cocktail attire dress code. Whole cuts are made from a single piece of leather, so they look stylish and sleek. You want to be up all night, so opt for lightweight, flexible shoes. Just wear a few times before the D-day to ensure
    they're broken in and ready for action. 

  • Cap-toe Oxfords:

    Got a new tailored suit? Well, why not opt for these classy Cap-toe Oxfords. It can also be worn with cocktail attire. Its versatility adds to it a beautiful thing. 

  • Double Monk Straps:

    Leather Shoes

    These beauties should not be worn at black-tie events. So pair these shoes with casual wedding attires or for those tailored slacks. Turn some heat on guys!

  • Loafers:

    Is it a summer beach wedding? Then go for these comfortable loafers and look dapper. Are you ready to show some ankle? But please don't wear your no-show socks as moisture can ruin your leather. 

  • Boots:


    You can’t just go wrong in Chelsea boots or Chukka this wedding season. Pair it with a tailored slack, keep it cool with boots. Just make sure your dress code is appropriate. 


    • Ethnic sandals:

    Ethnic Sandals

    You can never go wrong with ethnic sandals over kurta pyjamas. Wedding season must-haves include a wide variety to choose from- Pesha Tannino, Pesha Borgues, Juttis to go on a sherwani which gives a classy and sophisticated look to your attire. 


    Last Words:

    Step up your shoe game with these trending footwear this wedding season. You need to invest in styles that suit your slacks, tux or ethnic wear. Apart from design, longevity is the goal for someone's D-day or the pre-wedding functions to attend.

    If you are looking for the perfect shoes for this wedding season, dmodot has got you covered. Get your best pair of shoes here.

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