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Handcrafted with Love - dmodot Shoes

Handcrafted with Love



A love story of the three dots with handcrafted leather shoes is what brought into existence this lovely brand known as the dmodot. Let us take you through a little part of how we convert our love for footwear into quality shoes for you.

In 2014 dmodot then known as Dameriino came into existence. One of our chief dot’s Abhishek understood the importance of quality material that went into making a shoe as he hailed from the historical city of love, Agra. The journey of dmodot started as a means of self-care, as Abhishek saw how exorbitant the prices were in stores, he started a practice of getting shoes from the factories based in his hometown and soon his friends followed suit. This is how the idea of the brand was born. Our dots wanted to build a brand that not only was affordable but also ensured comfort and instilled confidence.

We first came up with a name and launched our brand Dameriino. Dameriino is an Italian word, which stands for “a fashionably dressed man”. As the brand grew we wanted to shift our focus more towards the Indian Heritage of leather craftsmanship and also wanted to cater to women. We wanted a brand name that was more inclusive and hence the name changed to dmodot. “dmo” is an abbreviation of dameriino and “dot” is anyone of significance irrespective of their gender, ethnicity or line of work.  

Today leather is considered a symbol of luxury and class. It is a statement of style.

The use of leather in shoes and other crafts in India has been often traced back to the Indus Valley civilisation. However, earlier the use of leather was often characterised by rural areas. Leather as a material was used to make everything from saddlebags, clothing, to footwear etc. 

Every region of India had its own speciality when it came to leather products. 

Now, our aim at dmodot was, as mentioned earlier, to make dmodot’s handcrafted leather products an affordable luxury in India. We wanted to take it out of the rural-urban debate and want to make it into a long-lasting product that will fulfil all our customer’s desires and expectations that they may have from their footwear. Our three major tenets of service are style, comfort and expert craftsmanship. 

All our products are made using full-grain leather and smooth hide which are two of the most durable materials available in the leather world. However, often there have been questions asked to us about Italian leather. As we are all aware that Italian leather has often been described as the best leather in the world. However, not many people are aware of the fact the leather they use full-grain itself. They just process it to create a more soft and pliable leather. Full-grain leather is one of the best leather quality available. This leather is the strongest and most durable leather ever to exist. 

All our products represent love, honesty and unpretentiousness. We use the best quality materials but do not go overboard on the style. We believe in the motto of “simplicity at its best.”

Now, let us walk you through the 6 steps of our process of production of every shoe. Every step is taken up by our artisans via their hands and with extreme precision. 

    1. Leather selection: It is made sure by our senior dots that the leather chosen is blemish-free. Compromising the quality is not an option ever. 
    2. Leather Cutting: Old school tools are used for cutting and every piece takes quite a good amount of time. 
    3. Designing: Every design is drawn by hand using pencils and pens like any art. Hence, our claim that every shoe is a work of art as there is no mass production. 
    4. Stitching: Every single stitch on the shoe is done using our old school “Silai Machine”, the sewing machines made of steel and iron, they are quite heavy and still available in a lot of homes in rural India. 
    5. Sole pasting: This is again done using all-natural materials and each sole is pasted by hand just like while creating paper mache with a mix of glue and water. 
    6. Finishing: Last but not least is finishing. The final step of the process. This is where the shoes are polished and where they find their final shine. 

Every pair of shoe created under the brand that is dmodot is not just a shoe but the heart and soul of our founder and every craftsman working day and night to provide you with the best quality shoes. We hope this little effort of ours would help you understand us and our brand better. Do leave a comment if you would like to know more about our products. 


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    Just came across this brand randomly while on Linkedin and had a look at the products on the site. By far the BEST selection of contemporary styles and the most tasteful changes made to the traditional offerings. I’m currently out of India but would definitely buy more than a pair when I come back. Only regret that I dont have more pairs of legs to wear more choices in a go!

    Really well made and beautifully designed products! Kudos team Dmodot!

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