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10 Ways to Take Care of your Shoes - dmodot Shoes

10 Ways to Take Care of your Shoes


“Good soles need even better care.”
Soles are no different than souls and the better you care for them, the better they will stay by your side during tough times as the roads get harder. Shoes reflect one’s personality and when you care for your shoes, you are also taking care of yourself.
Even though you might have different shoes for different days and occasions, you should never let beautiful soles(shoes) sit unmoved in one place. Give them the care they need, after all, they are your solemates.
So, here a few ways in which you can take proper care of your shoes and see to that that you have a long-term relationship with them:

How to take care of your shoes:

Beautiful soles don't ask much, all they need is a little attention from your day’s busy schedule and they are happy that way. Don’t let your shoes think that you no more care for them Just follow these simple tips and keep them entertained:

1. Shoes hate moisture:

Keep your shoes away from moisture as moisture can result in the growth of bacteria which can cause the shoe material to break down easily when you finally wear them. Use desiccants like silica pouches or gels to keep them moisture and bacteria-free. In case you don’t have silica, you can stuff your shoes with newspapers and change them after a week or so, thereby protecting your loved soles from moisture.

2. Keep them away from dust:

It is never advisable to wear the same pair of shoes regularly but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned and kept dust-free. Excessive dust can lead to the loss of the natural shoe colour and make them look old. To keep your shoes new as always, polish/clean them on a regular basis. Also, keep your shoes safe and away from regularly used home slippers to avoid dust from settling on them. The best place to keep your shoes is the shoe closet.

3. Shoe Tree is very important:

Place a shoe tree while you aren’t wearing your shoes as it ensures that the natural shape and texture of the shoe is restored. Moreover, cedar shoe trees can be used to keep them moisture-free.

4. Away from direct sunlight:

Extreme heat or direct sunlight can result in dry-rotting and can cause them to stiffen up thereby resulting in crumbling. Instead, keep your shoes in a controlled environment and ensure that they have a longer life span when you finally step out.

5. Don’t use plastic shoeboxes:

Soles need proper air circulation and therefore, plastic or even cardboard shoe boxes are never good for them. Use bags that are made of breathable fabric to store shoes and let easy and efficient air circulation. store the shoes.

6. Use polish and shiner:

Just like souls need a healthy regimen to keep their skin young, soles need polish and shiner to stay young. Regularly polishing your shoes and frequently applying a shiner will help in giving your shoes a longer life and help in maintaining their shine and texture.

7. Keep the shoe sole clean:

Great soles are the foundation of great shoes therefore keeping your shoe soles is very important. Here’s what you can do to ensures that your sole are clean and tidy:
  • Tap your shoes together outside so that the loose dust falls off.
  • Use a brush to get rid of the dirt from the soles.
  • Use a dry paintbrush to get rid of dirt from the grooves within the soles.

8. Rejuvenate the leather

Leather breathes and you can help your leather shoes breathe even better by rejuvenating them with a shoe cream. However, apply the shoe cream on dry shoes using a brush or soft cloth and let the cream settle in perfectly by leaving your shoes overnight before wearing them.

9. For white sneaker shoes and soles:

White shoes, especially sneakers are a styling icon that are loved by both men and women. But the white colour can get dirty and stains easily. Therefore, they need additional care and when you have to clean them just use a clean magic eraser, dipped in a dishwashing soap to wipe away the stains, thereby giving them a shiny new look.

10. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to make your shoes bright again:

Everyone enjoys flaunting a new pair of shiny bright sneakers but what many don’t is that even your old shoes can be as bright as a new pair. Just use a toothbrush dipped in a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and slowly scrub the paste all over the shoe and see the magic paste work wonders. You’ll have a shiny pair of sneakers that you can flaunt as a new pair of sneakers.

Summing Up:

A true gentleman never leaves great soles and always takes extra care of them. Soles change if they don’t get the care they deserve, therefore, the more you care, the longer they will serve you without losing their shape and shine(without changing). Just follow the above simple tips to make sure that your soles aren’t suffering during such times.

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