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How can shoe care help save the planet? - dmodot Shoes

How can shoe care help save the planet?



Just as your body, your shoes alo require personal attention. No matter how durable your shoes are, they may start to look ugly if not cleaned. This is something no one wants! Right! Cleaning shoes help them to last long. But have you ever thought about what goes in the process of making shoe cleaners?

Well, no one ever has. Because you don’t think beyond your shoes. You just order blindly googling ‘best shoe care range” and tad! It’s ordered. You don’t even bother to read the ingredients it contains. Well, to remind you all - this is a huge mistake. No, we are not saying that ordering shoe care ranges is wrong, what we are implying is that ordering shoe cleaners that harms the environment and mother Earth is dangerous. 

However, most of us are becoming aware and getting environmentally conscious. BLESS you people! Sustainability is the most trendy topic as of now. We as human beings have considerable responsibility towards the environment. Buying eco-friendly shoe care can help save the planet. We as producers and consumers must make conscious environmental choices to choose products that are greener. 

Proper shoe care involves much more than regularly wiping your shoes. Using shoe shapers for storage, correctly taking off and putting on shoes, protecting from wear and tear are all key components in taking care of your shoes. This will help last shoes for a longer duration. 

The major task of investing in a high quality pair of shoes is already done. Now, to last them for a period of long time, you need to make use of a shoe care kit. 

There are shoe care products that are prepared on principles of organic raw materials. Choose shoe care products that are solvent-free and contain natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, and carnauba wax. These products are a non-toxic and incredibly advanced range of shoe care products. 


What Is Sustainable Shoe care?

The sustainable shoe care is formulated with use of ingredients to minimise negative impact on the environment, conserve energy and natural resources. Sustainability cannot happen over a choice of one component. Instead, it involves the manner in which raw materials are sourced, transported and used in the process of manufacturing. 

Sustainability is the future. It is becoming a serious concern. 


How to make your footwear last longer?

These highlights if followed every time, will help put your best foot forward every time you wear them:

  1. You must correctly put on your shoes and also take them off correctly otherwise it may damage the shoes.
  2. You must immediately store your shoes with a shoe shaper. This will help preserve its form and encourage ventilation. 
  3. Thoroughly cleaning your shoes will help you to enjoy it for a longer time.
  4. You can also place silica in the box of your shoes to prevent moisture. 

What makes shoe care products eco-friendly?

Non-toxic, biodegradable, water-based, solvent-free, and PFC-free formulations are used in shoe care products to make them environment friendly. It’s not just  eco-friendly but also focuses on areas such as cleaning, care and protection of your footwear. 

Products required to take care of your shoes:

  • Pure cleanser:

  • Cleanser is required for deep cleaning of your footwear. Mild foam can assist in the removal of stains and dirt. It's also perfect for handbags and other accessories made of leather. They're made without solvents and are biodegradable.

  • Deep conditioner:

  • You can deep condition your leather footwear to make it look new and charming. Deep conditioners are made of environmentally friendly and high-quality natural materials. It gently cleanses and maintains your footwear by protecting it. It's biodegradable to 98 percent.

  • Natural protector:

  • Natural protector as the name suggests protects the footwear from grime and moisture. This natural agent acts in a long-term and successful manner. It is 98% biodegradable. 

  • Active fresh:

  • This is majorly used for shoes and sports bags. It absorbs molecules and neutralises shoe odor. This is 99% biodegradable. 

    So how to choose products that are environmentally friendly?

    Take care of your shoes by taking care of your environment. 

    Choose shoe care products that are:

    1. Biodegradable
    2. Perfect for indoor use
    3. 100% free of solvents
    4. 100% free of fluorocarbon (PFC) 

    The shoe care kits are specifically designed for leather, suede or a universal kit suited for every shoe material. To prevent environmental impact, we are proud to announce that we repurpose donated shoes so that they do not end up in the landfills instead it is donated to the people who can't afford one. 

    Saving the planet is not a one person job, together we can save our planet by taking honest steps in saving our planet- EARTH. 

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      Probably not the most appropriate comment for your website but … I used to be an imelda Marcos protege till I saw the Calf’s face in all of this and thought whether how my feet looked was more important than its life …. it wasnt .
      So whilst I like your designs a lot I cannot sadly buy them, unless you use vegan leather ….do consider it …. after all it isnt just leather it is someone’s life ….

      Laila Mallik
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