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How to take care of your leather shoes - dmodot Shoes

How to take care of your leather shoes



Everything in the world no matter how tough it looks requires a little bit of gentle care, even your durable leather shoes. All leather from full-grain crust to bonded leather requires special care, especially during the winter season. Any kind of footwear that is made from leather be it your oxfords, brogues, loafers, slippers, sandals etc. demand love and care from their owner. The simple care routine you use to clean your shoes can increase their life by quite a few years. 

In winters, leather’s toughness and durability play a major role in their usage. Every weather requires a different kind of style and material that would make your feet feel comfortable.

At dmodot, most of our shoes are made from full-grain leather found in Belarus. This is one of the highest quality of leather and thus expensive. The full-grain leather contains grains and comes from the topmost layer of the hide. All leathers are different from each other and may require different tools to take care of them. 

Let’s see how you can better care for your lovely leather shoes using dmodot shoe care kits:

  • The first simple step is to use a soft brush to remove all the dust and dirt. If you can brush them regularly or after every use, it will make your cleaning job much easier. However, the type of footwear might determine the use of the kind and size of the brush. In, case the leather shoe you own is one with a special finish then you should use a cotton cloth with soap water to get rid of the dirt, brushes may not be as effective in this scenario. Avoid using sponges as they may contain harmful chemicals which might deteriorate the leather in the long run. 

  • Leather Conditioner is a magic worker. Harsh winters can cause your leather shoes to crack just like your skin in the winter. So, just like your skin needs extra moisturization in the winters so does your shoes. This is where the conditioner works its magic and keeps the fibres flexible enough to avoid cracks. 

  • None of us would like to spend the day with wet socks, especially in the winter, will we? So, to avoid that discomfort to our own feet and to avoid any damage to our leather shoes we need to make sure that our shoes are water-resistant. For that, you could use waterproofing wax and make your shoe water-resistant. If your shoes do get wet, do not use any heat source to dry them off, use a towel to soak the excess water first and then let them dry at their own pace at room temperature. Heat sources can cause the leather to crack. Waterproofing materials like wax or polish should be done at least once a year or at the beginning and end of every season. 

  • Avoid stains at all costs, and do not let them set in. To clean stains you can use baking soda or a mixture of vinegar and water. You do not need to buy separate products for this. Simple home remedies can be your holy grail. Water-vinegar needs to be mixed in equal amounts before use. 

We hope these simple tips and tricks will help you increase the lifespan of your leather shoes by at least a couple of years. Love your leather shoes and they will surely love you back. We also have a few different shoe care kits by dmodot like leather shoe care kit, universal shoe care kit, which consists of various products that can help you shower love and care on your beloved leather shoes this winter. Please go and have a look:

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