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How to wear dress shoes with jeans



There are many people out there who may tell you that you cannot or should not pair your dress shoes with your jeans and you will be looking like that they have grown two horns! Why? Because today we are here to tell you that you can pair your dress shoes with your jeans but there are a few rules that you should follow if you don’t want to prove the two-horned person mentioned above right. 

Jeans are the one clothing item which is worn across the globe and is gender-neutral. However, they are available in different styles and designs which can be divided among men or women like boyfriend jeans. They are an important part of everyone’s wardrobe and hence, questions like how to pair them with dresses shoes for semi-formal occasions are put up to the influencers or designers. 

We all know that even the shoes themselves are just an accessory but complete fashion icons in their own right. So, it should be given the respect that it deserves. Shouldn’t it?

We at dmo want to use the power of footwear to transform and complete an outfit and help its wearer shine and increase their confidence. Let’s discuss a few ways you can pair your dress shoes, like our Dameriino Collection with jeans: 

  • The Colour Trouble: Whenever you want to wear your dress shoes with jeans you need to in mind the colour of your denim. Even though this look is usually a 12 out of 10, it does not work well with light-wash denim. You have to make sure to always pair them with dark to medium wash jeans. No matter how good you might think, you may look it just doesn’t go. 

  • The Riff-Raffs: Fortunately or unfortunately, the dress shoes do not go well with designer jeans with cuts and fluffs. It is important that you wear a simple dark or medium wash jeans with no additional accessories or designs. The traditional denim jeans are the only ones with which the dress shoes go well. They look absolutely horrible with bell bottoms. 

  • The shoe show: You should try to avoid shoes with extreme shine with jeans. The shoes like Lustro in our Dameriino Collection looks well with suits but jeans just don’t go. These shoes are extremely formal. Dress shoes like brogues and monk straps are the way to go. Mostly the blacks and browns are preferred but you can play with a little colour too. Not everyone will be able to carry it, but well experimentation and results require a little sacrifice. Doesn’t it?

  • The Fit Kit: Bootcuts are no go. Do not ever pair your jeans with boot cuts, like never ever. This look is a no go in so many ways, I cannot even start. The best look to pair your dress shoes with is slim fit jeans, tapered jeans or skinny jeans. Forget the rest. 

These are the major rules that you should focus on when pairing your dress shoes with your jeans. However, there are a few other things that you should keep in mind. Let’s discuss in details the colours that you should wear. Mostly bloggers and influencers out in the world will tell you this and we grudgingly agree that browns are a better choice than blacks. You ask why?

The answer is quite simple. The browns are more casual and are available in different shades for you to switch it up like chocolate brown, sandy brown, dark brown, chestnut, etc compared to these black is very formal. 

Another thing that you should avoid is using oxfords. Oxfords are one cut shoes and are just too formal. They may go in your jeans but will not suit every occasion. You can pair jeans with all other classic dress shoes like brogues, monk straps be it single or double, Derbys,etc. 

Hope this little blog on do’s and dont’s will help you make use of your dress shoes in your regular life as well. We at dmodot do not believe much in rigidity and would like to say if you do not care about what other people might think, pair anything with anything literally. This is how fiery fashion is created.

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