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How you can ‘Dress to Impress’ with these dot classics - dmodot Shoes

How you can ‘Dress to Impress’ with these dot classics



People these days are too judgmental. How you dress up tells a lot about your overall personality. A well-dressed man is adored by all. However, apart from dressing to impress, everyone loves loving oneself more.

Fashion is the simplest way to project yourself. Not everything goes well with everything. You gotta have a dressing sense to stand out in the crowd. Nevertheless, you don’t need a degree to dress well, a few tips can get you dressed to kill. 

Here are some tips on how the below dot classics can fit well with a variety of outfits and make you a hot topic as soon as you step in:  

Dmodot appreciates good dressing:


Style and versatility, loafers offer both.

Dmodot’s Mustardo is a pair of mud-coloured penny loafers that will perfectly compliment most of your wardrobe outfits.

Pick a light blue coloured pair of denim from your wardrobe, put on either a black or white coloured shirt or t-shirt and your Mustardo is ready to transform you into a glitterati for the occasion.

If you have a casual blazer to accompany your outfit, get ready for a few dinner proposals.


Sneakers and that too shiny black, it can’t get better than this.

These glamorous shiny leather sneakers can be put on with your black suit but are like a match made in heaven when paired with cuffed mustard chinos and a white t-shirt.

Anyone with an eye for fashion never misses on a fine pair of black leather sneakers


Rightly said, ‘sometimes more is less’ and Azzuro proves it.

A Brogue touch on a double monk-strap loafer, Azzurro is what every lace-adverse man looks for. Best suited with ankle-length Jeans, chinos and trousers, you can rock a formal as well as a casual look with these blue coloured beauties. 


Sneakers are here to stay and why not when you can have eyes on stalks with a pair of deep blue Sapphiro. 

Since the summers are upon us, you can try out these sneakers with shorts. Shirt or t-shirt that your choice anyways you will fall in love with your look. If you love wearing jeans or chinos, Sapphiro is still a charmer.


Borgue punch, tan leather and sneaker makes a great friendly trio.

Perforated leather footwear is a gentleman's best friend and all you need is to suit up to flaunt your Fresco. 

Don’t want to get formal?

No worries go casual with these charming beauties and you will still have jaws dropping in awe.

Ethnico Nero:

Mojris is the quintessence of ethnic footwear.  

Be it summer or winter, you always need a pair of mojaris to be a part of your footwear collection while you dress up traditionally at your cousin's wedding. 

Pelle Italia:

Whoever says sandals aren’t fashionable, doesn’t understand fashion.

Italian styled Pelle Italia are the perfect pair of men’s sandals that you can carry with a pair of blue as well as black jeans. Well, they appreciate chinos too and yes you can wear these classics on your date too, she will love them.

Sprazzo Nera:

Discussing fashion and not mentioning Chelsea boots is a crime.

Dark brown coloured Chelsea boots bring fashion to life and it doesn't matter if you dress up formally, semi-formally or casually, these dot classics will love’ em all equally.

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