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Leather shoes to rock your Dates! For Him and For Her! - dmodot Shoes

Leather shoes to rock your Dates! For Him and For Her!




First Date!! 

Yes, the heart does skip a few beats when the thought of your first date is running wildly in your mind. But it can get nerve-wracking too if you aren’t well-prepared for the same and when I say not well prepared it means that you are still wondering what to wear on your first date. 

Everyone wishes to dress well on their first date but what many don’t consider is that putting on the best shoes that compliment your outfit is equally important. You may have heard a lot of people saying that shoes and hairs are what appeals to the eyes first and if you have the perfect sole-mate to put on your first date, you are definitely going a long way with your soul-mate.

So if you are still looking out for THOSE perfect pair of soles that will bring you closer to the soul you are on a date with, don't' worry dmodot has got you covered. Today I present you our collection of best genuine leather shoes, handcrafted with love and care that will add on to your charisma on your first date:

For Him:

Hoffler Cobalto: 

Crafted out of full-grain crust leather accompanied with an elegant finishing touch of Argentinian Leather Sole, these slip-on go well with almost everything. From the chinos to the denim jeans, Hoffler is a perfect pick for your first date.  

Put on the Hofflers and let her plan your next date!!


What better way to impress a girl on your first date than to put on these stylish Loafers!!

Loafers, all around the world have a reputation for being a versatile pair of shoes. Be it a formal date or be it a casual date, Loafers can always be counted on. 

Fumoso is a penny tobacco-colored pair of breathtaking loafers that ensure that she has already been dazzled by the way you made your entrance.

Sprazzo Nera

We may be living in the 21st century but the 20th century’s classic Chelsea boots are still an awe-mazing pair of leather boots that make a statement for themselves whenever they are put on. If you are looking to make a lasting impression on your date, Chelsea has been doing that quite amazingly for decades and it won’t be any different this time.

Black Sprazzo Nera, slim fit blue jeans, tugged in a white shirt with sleeves rolled up and a wristwatch to tell you that this time you are rocking it!!! 

For Her:


For women, it’s tougher to impress themselves than to impress the man they are going to meet (I too smirked lol!!). But if you own a sneaker, half the job is already done. Sneakers are a popular pair of footwear that can go well with a variety of outfits ranging from cuffed up jeans and top combination to midi dresses.

Dmodot’s Cachi for women is one such fine pair of sneakers that can be a great solemate to accompany you on your perfect date. A blend of brown and white make the Cachi a pair to own and boast.

Tacco Marrone:

At times simplicity is the best outfit one can carry around!!

Closed-toe block heels can be considered as both an outing footwear and if dressed well enough can serve as professional footwear too.

Tacco Marrone is a simple yet stylish pair of women's footwear that deserves a place for itself in every woman's closet. A pair of closed-toe block heels, these can bring out the best of any outfit with its appealing dual-tone. Transfix your date with these amazing pair of genuine leather footwear and be prepared for a tiring day after running in his mind all day long.

Tacco Nudo:

Heels can lift you up by a few inches and can significantly add a taste of glam to your outfit!!

High heeled block sandals have never been out of fashion and they will continue to be a top pick for women be it a first date or any other such occasion.

Tacco Nudo is a fine-looking pair of peep-toe sandals that look amazingly well with long skirts, jumpsuits and a wide range of other outfits (a long list I know!!).

Happy Dating!!

It may be a difficult job to dress-up for your first date but once you have THOSE bold shoes to make the first impression, everything else just gets easier and in no time you’ll be overflowing with confidence and charm.

Pick one from our collection and suit up to make a memorable first date!!

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