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Leathery Goodness for Women - dmodot Shoes

Leathery Goodness for Women


Only women know what they want but one thing every woman wants is a healthy and long relationship with their solemate(s) that is/are always there during the hard times. Yes, I am referring to shoes here. Women love the fact that she has lots of shoes to give her company on different occasions. And when it comes to choosing solemate(s), women are in awe with leather footwear. One of the reasons behind this bond is leather shoes are highly durable(long term relationship) while the other is the versatile styling they offer.

Women love styling and women’s leather shoes have so much to offer that they compliment all sorts of outfits from tight slim pants to short skirts. 

And today we will be discussing all about women footwear, letting you in on dmodot’s leather shoe collection for women:

Slippers & Sandals:

Summers are already here and what women want is a minimal, lightweight yet stylish pair of footwear and it never gets better than a pair of handcrafted slippers and sandals. These versatile pairs of seductresses can be put on with summer dresses, shorts as well as ethnic outfits.

Dmodot’s Slipper and Sandal Collection for women:

  1. Pelle Noir
  2. Pelle Marrone
  3. Pelle Doppio
  4. Pelle Nera

Peep Toe and Mules:

Women love heels since they can lift them up by a few inches and also add a taste of glam to their outfit. Block heeled peep toes have been a popular footwear choice for women since the 1940s. But when we talk about Mules, their history dates back to Ancient Rome, however, they become more popular during the 16th century in Europe. Ever since their origin, both Peep toes and Mules have been a woman's best friend. 

Be it a girl's night out or a date with your soulmate, these leather beauties can carry your weight all day long and that too with comfort.

Dmodot’s Peep Toe and Mules Collection for women:

  1. Tacco Nudo
  2. Tacco Marone
  3. Sandelo Nera

Slip-on Sneakers:

If you are a busy lady, sneakers are probably the best-suited footwear for you. These lightweight slip ons are perfect if you are a working woman. However, the hard work put behind handcrafted leather sneakers makes them so versatile that they can complement your cuffed up jeans-top combination as well as midi dresses with perfection. Apart from running to the office, sneakers can accompany you to your casual outings with your friends too.

Dmodot’s Slip-on Sneakers Collection for women:

  1. Rosa
  2. Cenere
  3. Cachi
  4. Castano


Leather footwear have always been considered as a styling icon among women. No women would ever miss a chance to flaunt their leathery goodness. 

If you are also looking for a handsome pair of handcrafted leather footwear, consider scrolling through our women’s section and you’ll love what we have to offer. 

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