Must have Leather Shoe Care Kits

‘Great soles respond well to care.’

The above five words have a very deep meaning(not just for shoes). A fine pair of handmade leather shoes will always be with you no matter how hard the road gets. However, in order to maintain the high-quality of your leather shoes to make them last even longer, you need shoe care kits. 

We at Dmodot are a genuine leather shoe brand with expertise in hand craftsmanship. We not only provide the best handmade soles but also know how to take care of them.

Now as you may know that leather shoes use a variety of materials ranging from top-grain to suede leather. Also, genuine leather is extracted out of the skin(hide) of different animals like cow, pig, sheep, deer, goat, snake, crocodile, horse and more. Therefore, each type needs to be taken care of differently. We at dmodot basically offer four different types of shoe care kit including a universal kit which can be used on all leather types. 

However before we show you our shoe care kit offerings, here’s why you need them in the first place:

Why you need shoe care kits:

To ensure High Durability:

There is no doubt that handmade leather shoes are highly durable but as said earlier, great soles need to be taken care of and therefore, you simply can’t miss a shoe care kit since it comes with a shoe cleaner and a water cleaner (apart from other products) which ensures that the shoes are moisture free and clean, thereby ensuring high durability.

Maintain the shine of the shoe:

Everyone loves a shining leather shoe but without a shoe shiner it isn’t possible. And always keep in mind never use a wet cloth to clean your leather shoe. Instead go for a shoe shiner and a shoe shining cloth accompanied with a shoe polish and keep your shoes shiny on all days.

Dmodot’s Shoe Care Kits:

1. Dameriino Cares:

2. Leather Shoe Care kit:

3. Suede Shoe Care kit

4. Universal Shoe Care kit

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