Blog 17: Sandals are your new best friends

Sandals, for some odd reason, have lived with a terrible reputation. Ask any man who has adorned them and he will tell you how comfortable they are, and what the pairing possibilities are. Sandals are for the beach and for strolling around the backyard - that’s what they said! But challenge that notion and your life is set to change.

With summer just around the corner, there’s so many reasons you need to get your pair of sandals. We’re not talking about the ones you get at sports stores - no! We’re referring to some cool AF leather sandals that take your swagger to a whole new level.

This blogpost was inspired by a chance conversation with Sahil Marwaha who said this:

For someone who lives in just sneakers, getting a pair of sandals was a tough decision. But recently, if there was a style of sandals I really wanted, Pelle Marrone fit the bill. Initially, kind of apprehensive about my buy; where I asked the folks at Dameriino if I'd be wearing it often, they said, "YES!". I guess they were right, happy to say they're one of my top non-sneaker pairs which are insanely comfortable.


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