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Shoes and moods/ A shoe for every mood



The simple rule to build up your mood is by owning a versatile shoe collection. Now, you must be surprised to read how a shoe can have an influence over your mood! Perhaps, a shoe can do more than you think to influence your mood. Here, we are going to spill some beans regarding the kinds of shoes you can wear to cover all kinds of mood. It is said that shoes transform your attitude and mood. Yes, a shoe can rightly dictate your body language and mood. 

As the title of this particular piece suggests, just as you wear clothes according to your mood, the same way you can wear shoes based on your mood. Suppose, if you are sad or lazy you would like to lounge around your house in comfy pyjamas and slippers, if you wanna party you will probably look for bright shiny clothes and shoes to match your mood and so on. 

No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes to compliment your look. Having said this, your style reflects your mood and hence, the selection of shoes depends on your mood too and not to forget your style and the occasion as well. You’ll also be thrilled to see how faux accents, metallic details, buckle styles have made their way into shoe trends this season! 

Today we will talk about shoes that may cover multitude of moods without you having to make much effort. 

We have a wide range of shoes handcrafted with love and the best leather available just for you. Ranging from boots to oxfords, brogues to loafers and many more such shoe types in versatile patterns and designs! 

You can’t just get enough shoes. 

Let’s talk about a few of them: 

  • Boots:

Boots are nice to include in your shoe closet! These are well suited to lift your mood for those laid back moods. When dressing up with the right attire, boots can help you feel confident and good about yourself. It pumps as an energy factor to enlighten your mood. You can easily pair boots with denims or army of pants. Boots have versatile style, which can be easily taken from work to a weekend staycation. Nothing can stop a tough and strong-minded person right! 

  • Sneakers: 

Are you feeling sporty, social or gleeful? Then you can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. Sneakers can be a good choice for you for that “happier” mood. Sneakers come in so many designs that it has become staple in every one’s wardrobe. From the gym to the party, it has become an expression of yourself. Yes, you can definitely wear sneakers for your next date or to a club for your next party. No matter what mood you settle on, there is a sneaker for every attire. Choose sneakers that make you feel more comfortable than to please other people’s eyes.  

  • Loafers:

Yes absolutely! Loafers are the ultimate choice of classic footwear for that relaxed and light-hearted mood. Loafers are flattering given they’re minimalistic and easily suited for various looks and styles. You may pair them up along with a well-fitted suit or with a pair of chinos. If you’re playing it with styles then choose from a range of different styles for every mood. When you ditch your formal shoes for loafers, you are beating boredom for a subtle partner that brings you peace- Your BFF Loafers. 

  • Oxfords:

The first thing that comes to your head when you hear “Monday” is - Monday blues. Right? Shake off Monday blues with a cup of coffee and of course a pair of elegant oxfords- formal shoes for men. Oxford shoes bring out the confidence in you as it gives a dappered touch. To Shake off Monday blues, Oxford shoes are a classic pair to motivate you. Pair alongside a solid colored suit to visually stand out. 

  • Monk straps:

Don’t shy away from acing that wedding look! So, what's holding you back from dancing your heart out? Pair monk straps to boost your shoe game. Monk straps are perfect when you're set in a happy and joyful mood. Is it the wedding of your best friend or whether it’s your wedding, monk straps are enough to make heads turn. These shoes have become the “latest muse” to sway your body in rhythm.  

  • Leather chappals and sandals:

Chappals and sandals work best for that easy going and chilling mood. As the summer is approaching, chappals and sandals make it easy for your feet to breathe fresh air and stay away from sweat piling under your feet. Previously chappals were only meant for a beach vacation, but now it has become a streetwear favorite! You will spot famous bloggers and celebrities styled in smart leather chappals or sandals for a comfort look under the sun.

  • Slip-on-mules:

Slip-on-mules are number one trend. You can’t just stop wearing them. It is perfect for that humorous, casual mood you’re settled in. They are simple in style and very much suited for every occasion due to its versatility. You can pair it up with a pair of jeans or semi-casual pants to pep up your mood.  

To lace up your mood, you need to first lace up your shoes. Now, the world is your oyster and you’re ready to take on the world with the right kind of mood followed by the right shoes! The best part is you can get all kinds of shoes at one place to suit your every mood. So, what’s your MOOD today?

Check out our new collection of shoes to suit your mood swings.

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