Shoes - More than a fashion accessory.

Guest Post by Pranay Anand

Do you recall that boost in confidence when you wore a well-fitted shirt? Well, a right pair of shoe is no less and will boost your confidence up to 3 times! That's insane!

For me, shoes are like dressing on a cake. What would you rather prefer? A beautifully frosted and decorated cake or just a simple, plain cake.

At last, one should never account shoes to be just fashionable. They must be functional too hence delivering their promise of purpose and comfort.
Always give more if not less importance to what you wear on your feet as compared to the rest of your body.  

Variety is always good but you don't have to own like 20 pairs of shoes!
Always account for a few evergreen pairs spread across different categories like sneakers, boots or dress shoes.

Also, if you really feel like, you can go for a trending footwear and make yourself part of the community.

And that brings us to the next point which is to avoid fake and copy shoes at any cost. They might look cool but are not at all comfortable and eventually end up damaging the feet.

That's not what you want, right?
Spend a little less, save a bit more and then get that shoe you've been waiting for!

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