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Shoes for you to wear in this month of love - dmodot Shoes

Shoes for you to wear in this month of love



Martin Luthe King Jr. said, “ Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” We completely agree with this train of thought by the great orator. Love is a beautiful feeling and limiting it to one kind of relationship that does not make sense.

Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year across the globe. Celebrated on the 14th of February, this day is special for all people in love. However, often this day is associated with couples but there are people who prefer to celebrate all kinds of love on this special day, be it love for their family, love for their friends, even love for strangers.

So, today we are going to recommend a few shoe types from our dmodot catalogue that you can wear not only to your valentine date but also to any day-out with a loved one or even your self. I often like to take myself on dates too and spend some quality alone time. 

So, moving forward let us discuss the awesome shoes you can wear this valentines day:

  1. Fumoso: 

    This suede leather shoes are like a warm hug and what better to wear on a date than a pair of shoes that will make you feel all warm, fuzzy and happy. The suede used in Fumoso is found in India. The Fumoso are a piece of art as they have a hand-stitched pattern across the vamp which gives it a traditional edge but the design of the shoe itself is quite modern. They are perfect for any outing in the month of love, as they for us represent love and will be well suited in the current weather.

  2. Verdo: 

    This particular pair of loafers accessorised with tassels is one of the favourites at dmodot. They bring out lazy confidence in its wearer. They are made using olive suede paired with anti-skid leather sole. They are a symbol of luxury, class and a vibrant personality. They are a perfect representation of the vintage shoe collection bridging the gap to modernity. They will look especially well with smart casuals like a jeans, button-down and blazer combo for a date or a family gathering.

  3. Tannino: 

    If you are someone who prefers to be a little more on the formal side, someone who likes to wear semi-formal or smart casuals daily and especially on important events where you are planning to impress someone then Tannino is the way to go. Tannino is a beautiful pair of tan brogues. This pair of shoes are versatile and can be paired with pants and jeans in all shades. They are made using full-grain crust leather which is the most durable material of all and makes you feel confident. They look spectacular when paired with light coloured suits or even with trousers and button-downs. You can also add a leather jacket to the mix once in a while to spice things up. 

  4. Lustro: 

    If you are someone who likes to stand-out be the centre of attention then this is the shoe for you. This shoe is guaranteed to make heads turn if paired with an appropriate outfit like all black. They are made using patent leather originated in India. They might not look like it but like every sneaker to ever exist they are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes to exist. They make you feel confident, creative and adventurous. So, are you ready to look irresistible and cool? Then this is the pair for you 

These four shoes cover different styles and complement variations of attires. Even with one of these shoes in your arsenal, you will look fantacular (fanstastic+spectacular) any day of the month. We wish you luck with all the love. 

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