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Style Tips on how to wear your mules - dmodot Shoes

Style Tips on how to wear your mules



Mules are an elegant piece of footwear. We have always prided ourselves on the quality of footwear we provide as our aim is to end the pretentiousness and spread the love of footwear. They are the royalty in all shoe categories. They are the kind of footwear you choose when you want to stand out of the crowd with minimal effort. 

Hoffler’s as they are known under the dmodot brand are stylish and classy. Even though they are best suited with casuals or at max with semi-formals. They look absolutely dapper with jeans. 

Mules are a vintage shoe that today is bridging the gap between traditional and modern footwear. These mules as mentioned above can be paired with kurtas and sherwanis. They can be worn to ‘n’ number of occasions if paired with the right outfit. 

Let’s discuss a few ways of how you can pair your mules:

  • Choose the Perfect Fit: Well, no one likes it when your shoes keep falling off your feet. This is why we go to the trouble of finding the right size for all our shoes. Even with mules, you need to make sure that the size you choose is just perfect, that is it’s not too tight but also it doesn’t slip off your feet every two seconds. We at dmodot have various sizes from which you can try and choose the one best for you.

  • Material: Mules today are available in multiple materials like leather, silk, velvet, suede, etc. Choosing the right material for you depends on your use of the mules. If you want it for something traditional or a special occasion like a wedding or something then you can choose silk, velvet or even leather. Silk, velvet and leather as materials have always been as a symbol of style, class and luxury. You cannot go wrong with leather. The mules/hofflers that are handcrafted with love especially by dmodot are made with full-grain crust from Belarus and are extremely comfortable. Leather is a luxurious material and looks with almost all types of attires.

  • Clothes: The last but not the least, what to pair them with. In all honesty, you can pair mules with absolutely anything if you choose the right colour and design. They, however, look best with tapered jeans, pants, chinos. The best colours are dark earthy tones like browns and reds. They can also be worn with shorts for men and women’s mules look amazing with summer dresses and flowy skirts.

  • Mules are available for both men and women. They are amazing footwear which is comfortable and durable. They are versatile and fit equally well in a club as they do on a beach. They are a perfect travel companion too. 

    They are sleek, functional and stylish. We at dmodot have introduced the slip-on mules with a special line of footwear known as Hofflers. These hofflers comes in different styles, designs, colours and materials for you to choose from. We at dmodot believe in giving the best customer experience and making sure that the feet of our dots are well taken care of. We don’t believe in the pretentiousness of the world but we do believe in the importance of a classy pair of footwear which makes going out fun and not uncomfortable. So, what are you waiting for? 

    Go and find your perfect pair of mules today!

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