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Summers are in, and so are the Chappals and the Sandals: - dmodot Shoes

Summers are in, and so are the Chappals and the Sandals:


The summers are already here and as the season changes, our footwear preferences change too. If you are a leather footwear fan, you would know how difficult it is to carry heavy-weight footwear like boots. However, you have another easy option available that will be your solemate this summer. From catching up with your buddies to going on a date, leather slippers and sandals are here to save the day without compromising with your styling statement. 

The best about owning these handcrafted beauties is that they are very pliable and go perfectly well with denims as well as pyjamas. Now before I share with you some of the best leather slippers and sandals for men, available at dmodot, here’s why you should consider them buying in the first place:

Comes in various leather types:

Leather slippers and sandals like every other leather accessory are made of various leather types which further offers variations in price. However, be it top-grain leather or suede leather, handmade footwears always offer a higher and better quality as compared to the company manufactured ones and this alone is enough to make your summers happy with a fine pair of these beauties.


Leather slippers are the embodiment of style that is easy to carry around. During the summers, you can always count on a pair of handcrafted sandals to accompany your elegant outfit and with ease.


The lightweight further makes them comfortable. Moreover, they are mostly designed to slip-in your feet easily or the most they would have would be a strap which is just as easy as slipping in. The open design also sees to it that the feet don't get sweaty since the summers can get pretty messy, owing to the high temperatures.

Goes well with everything(Versatile):

The versatility of leather slippers is what makes them a wardrobe staple and especially when the scorching summers are upon us. Slipping in-to handmade leather slippers is the best way to catch a few eyes this summer. With these, you don’t have to worry what to wear, from shorts to balloon styled pajamas, you can rock any look with them. 


When it comes to best footwear products, leather is hands down the most durable product. Leather is crafted out of the skin(hide) of different animals like (cow, pig, sheep, deer, goat, snake, crocodile, horse and more) which in itself is very durable. Handcrafted genuine leather slippers and sandals are no exception to this and can be considered as a long-term investment on your footwear styling.

Easy maintenance:

All that a fine pair of leather soles ask of you is take care of them by frequently polishing them, keeping away from moisture, and using a shoe tree to ensure that they don’t lose their shape. 

Dmodot’s best selling slippers and sandals:

Pelle Strappo:

A masterpiece of comfort and practicality, the Pelle Strappo is the sandal of choice for the dailies. These chic essentials are perfect if you need to pop out for a grocery-run, and will also carry you just as easily to a coffee date.

Pelle Espana:

A minimal cross-over style in gorgeous full-grain black and tan leather, the Pelle Espana were made for the man who likes to be well turned-out. This chic festive essential will complement a range of looks and occasions whether its lounging around the house or heading over to a taash party.

Pelle Marrone:

Vintage is back in trend and the brand new Pelle Marrone will help you stay in the game. With a staunch, patterned leather sole and strategically positioned straps for comfort, this tan sandal is your friend throughout the day - in or out. Kurtas, shorts, jeans or cuffed-up chinos, your game's always strong with this piece of art.

Pelle Noir:

It really doesn't get more minimal and stylish than the Pelle Noir. Designed with just two straps and a memory-cushion sole, Pelle Noir focuses on giving you a premium experience in comfort and style. Pair it with shorts, kurtas or chinos, and you're ready to walk out with the best sandal game in town!

Pelle Italia:

A slip-on style with a toe-loop, the Pelle Italia embodies a summer feel, with its contrasting monochrome palette. Designed for a man with flair, these slick slides look just right with raw hem jeans and a fun shirt.

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