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The Best Way to Dry, Wet Leather or Suede Shoes - dmodot Shoes

The Best Way to Dry, Wet Leather or Suede Shoes


Timeless leather shoes or Suede shoes are the pair of beauty that effortlessly gains attention. Those who own it, want it to wear it every day for all the compliments from people.  

Leather shoes are men’s favorite and mostly when its suede leather shoes. Suede is an all-time favorite pair of beauty to get crazy for. Sometimes and to be honest a lot of times you wear it mostly when the forecast is not in your favor. This not listening to the forecast calls for the trouble which is soaking your suede leather shoes.

Getting your shoes drenched is a trouble call, for three reasons, it ruins your look, secondly, it decreases the durability of the leather shoe, and third it can cause blisters on your foot. None of these are wanted by any men. All they want is a neat, shiny and exclusive pure leather shoes. 

Wetting of shoes can cause discoloring, damage the leather and leave watermarks with wrinkles all around. It is better to be aware of the quick-drying method and let your shoes live long.

Remove the Insoles and Laces:

The leather shoes of men are their favorite collection. Follow the steps gently and do not be harsh on those leather shoes. Remove the laces and insoles and let all the filth come out. This will help no bad smell or excess moisture retain in your leather shoes.

Removal of excess water:

The basic to do before blotting, keeping it under the fan, it is important that you have drained excess water of the shoes. Draining of the excess water will help the pure leather shoes get dry more efficiently. If the excess water is not drained it is no use following the other steps as the moisture remains intact inside the shoe. Wipe softly on the outer and inner section of leather shoes. Also gently remove the dirt if any. The quicker you are in doing it the better it is for the shoes.

Stuff them with a lot of newspapers:

Newspaper is a great rescue in drying the soaked articles or cleaning gently. Crumble the newspaper into tiny pieces and put it inside the pure leather shoes. Using newspaper is a labor-intensive method. Keep a track of the newspaper soaking the moisture from your shoes. 

Keep changing once it is saturated. And refilling it with another set of crumbled tiny pieces of newspaper.

Upraise the shoes:

Yes! Just like the pure leather shoes are an up straight choice for men. Similarly, keep the shoes elevated to the wall or shoe rack. Do not leave shoes lying on the floor. It will retain most of the moisture and take more time than usual. It will take up to 24 hours. Pro tip will be to place a folded paper or cloth underneath the shoe for better results.


Yes! If you can get hold of any hair dryer around, use it, instantly! Use it after you have blotted the shoes properly and follow the next step of reviving it. It is important to bring life into the soft and tiny hairs which have gone into napping. It surely helps quick dry without any damage.

 Portable fan

This portable fan process is time taking but worth the time. Place it when the leather shoes are filled with crumpled newspaper. And leave it elevated for some time. Keep changing the newspaper when it has soaked the water.

Polish your shoe

After your shoes have dried up completely. Ensure the condition by polishing them with a dry cloth first and brush the dried dirt even more gently. Do not! Do not damage the tiny hair of the suede shoes. Polish it as per the condition. It helps get your leather shoes the shine back which had become dull after being wet.


The pure leather shoes or the suede shoes are the most loved item men invest in. it is their premium collection. When these shoes get drenched it is no less than a crisis. Though they like to flaunt more of these shoes and invest very little time in their maintenance. So, it is beneficial to buy either a shoe care kit or be cautious while wearing them or roam with the ultimatum of ‘Do not step on my exclusive pure leather/ suede shoes’ tag which of course is not possible. 

Taking good care of these pairs of beauty will be a great return for your investment, if good care is taken.

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