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The Perfect Leather Footwear and Accessory Combination for Formal Men - dmodot Shoes

The Perfect Leather Footwear and Accessory Combination for Formal Men


When it comes to styling, leather is one product that can never be underestimated. From leather footwear to leather wallets to leather bags, no man can miss the shine and smell of a genuine leather product. What makes leather even more noteworthy is the versatility of it. You can go for leather footwear or you can dress up all leathery from jackets to belts to shoes.

When dressing up all leathery for your business meet, it is preferable to go formal as it sets a status symbol like no other outfit does. But again dressing is an art and with the right combination of leather accessories and footwear, you can catch your boss's eyes.

As we have always said the dot knows it all, so let’s join the dots and see how dmodot’s leather combination is what you want to get the attention you deserve:

Go all leathery with dmodot’s handmade leather combination:

Formal Shoes:

No outfit is complete without the right pair of footwear to accompany it. And formal dress-up is no different. You’ll need a pair of formal shoes to suit up professionally and rock your business meeting with style and confidence. Here are some of the well-known formal shoes that we offer:


Brogues derive their name from the word ‘broguing’ meaning perforforations. Originating in Ireland and Scotland, these perforated classics have long been considered as a professional footwear option that goes perfectly well with formal suits.  


Oxfords made their first appearance in 1825 as popular college shoes(Oxford University) and ever since then, they have come almost 200 years ahead and are still considered as the epitome of formal shoes.


Loafers are a versatile pair of shoes and they are a great fit even if you are dressed up formally. Loafers have undergone a number of iterations and with each iteration, they have only gotten better.

Leather Belts:

Leather Belts are a gentleman’s first choice when it comes to choosing a belt to be worn around the waist. Dmo offers a collection of leather belts, available in multiple shades.


When dressing up for your office, you’ll always need a laptop bag to carry your office essentials like laptops, pens, notebooks, etc. This is where a leather bag comes in handy. Our leather bags are adorned with dapper aesthetics and a luxurious look that adds more character to your personality. The sleek and shiny appearance can significantly boost your confidence and fetch more attention. Moreover, leather bags are highly durable and multipurpose.


Wallets are an essential part of your day to day lives since it’s always better to pay your own bills. If you are gentlemen who love old school, dmodot brings you the bi-fold Bovine leather wallet which is a classic formal wallet. 

Passport Holders:

A nicely dressed man goes places and once you have impressed your boss, you are surely going to give him company on his next business trip and for that, you will need a passport holder after all you need to keep your fashion game up even during travels. Don’t worry we have it all and dmodot X Crust has just what you need.

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