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The journey of a dot - dmodot Shoes

The journey of a dot



On 12th February 2018, the brand Dameriino moved from their Italian name Dameriino to dmodot. The significance of a dot from the definitive of a single dot to the unending, the dot knows it all. The brand is the result of the love and sweat of our three chief dots, “Suhail Dhaul, Abhishek Sharma & Pranav Sawhney”

Their love for leather footwear and Indian craftsmanship together gave birth to the new tiny dot that we know today as dmodot. They care about each and every pair of shoe ever created under the name of dmodot. They want their customers to know dmodot as a brand of affordable luxury. 

The birth of dmodot is traced back to fulfil a need for self. Abhishek, our chief dot was born and brought up in the lovely city of Agra. Often known as the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, Agra is a beautiful city. There are many shoe factories on the outskirts of Agra from where Abhishek used to buy shoes. Blissfully unaware of the high costs these shoes were sold at stores in cities. So, when he moved to Pune and came to the eye-opening realisation of the corporate world, he started to get his shoes made from Agra whenever he visited home. Soon, his friends asked him to get shoes for them too and soon our three chief dots came together and decided to build a brand that will ensure comfort and instil confidence in people at affordable prices. 

A brand made in India wants to use the infinitive power of shoes. Any footwear that is ever created has the ability to transform your entire attire within a second. We as a brand want everything real and honest. We as a brand does not believe in lying to our customers or selling them something we ourselves wouldn’t approve of. We want to not only create a brand but a real community of footwear lovers and the ever-evolving nature of dmodot. 

At dmodot, we really care about our customers and have three major ideas at the intersection of which we want our customers to live that is style, comfort and craftsmanship. 

If you go up and look up the meaning of style in a dictionary, it is defined as something that has a distinctive appearance or which is generally determined by the principles of design. We have made sure that every shoe that is created by our artists at dmodot is styled in a way that provides comfort to the feet. 

We all have struggled with shoes that often look extremely good on our feet but by the end of the day give us sore muscles and swollen feet making it extremely uncomfortable for us to even walk normally let alone be on our feet all day long. 

This is something which is very important for us that our products not only be best in quality of material but also in the quality of experience they provide. A good quality product does not always guarantee a quality experience. The two are quite different. 

For everyone at dmodot, the brand, a dot is a celebration of life. Our ever-evolving nature and focus on quality and not quantity has given us the power of infinite possibilities of design to experiment with. 

We believe that the essence of our work lies in our willingness to connect the dots and create a network of like-minded brands and people which will help us fuel the fire that is dmodot. As mentioned previously our aim is to create a community and this is one aspect we have been working towards quite diligently. Our work on the same can be seen in the success of our sole for souls campaign. We want to tailor not only quality shoes but quality relationships as well. 

As mentioned throughout the blog, the ever-evolving nature of a dot that we at dmodot have adopted is a representation of the simplicity of the same. Also, it is not only the simplicity but the versatility of our products that define us. 

This is our journey of transformation and manifestation that we are undertaking with all our love and care. We want the world to be a better place with better footwear and this is our mission along with making sure that the Indian heritage of leather craftsmanship reaches unmeasurable heights.

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