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Those who dare to step into their bosses Shoes! - dmodot Shoes

Those who dare to step into their bosses Shoes!


“Think like a boss, act like a boss, be a boss”

Being a boss isn’t easy and to become one is even tougher. Gone are the days when it was only about hard work. In today’s competitive world, it’s about the overall personality, combined with smart work. You yourself may have noticed that promotions nowadays are not just for the hard working guys, it's for those who dare to step into their bosses shoes with an appealing personality that can get heads turning.

Today we are gonna talk about the ‘shoe game’ you need to convey why you are the next boss. We have broken down this into two sections:

  1. Formal Shoe game for the office hours
  2. Casual Shoe game for the all occasions 

Let’s get it on!!

Formal Shoe Game:

To suit up for your work is the first and foremost thing that you do to stand out. While suiting up is important, it all comes down to the formal shoe game without which you can’t dress to impress. 

But even formal shoes come in various designs and each classic formal shoe shares a unique story making it a perfect accompaniment to your formal wear. And as we have always said the dot knows it all, here’s the range of uniquely hand-crafted formal shoe we offer to lift up your formal shoe game: 


‘Broughing’ means perforations and this is how these classics get their name. Handcrafted with decorated perforations, Brogues originated in Ireland and Scotland and ever since then they have been a preferred choice for the formal gentleman. Check out our latest designs below:

  1. Carbonio
  2. Tannino
  3. Bruno
  4. Azzurro Rosso
  5. Chocolatto


Oxfords are for the minimalists as they are plain formal shoes that date back to 1825 but are still considered as the first pick when going full formal. An Oxford formal shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, also termed as "closed lacing". Here’s our Oxford collection that also combines the Brogue style, making them the hybrid of two most loved formal shoes:

  1. Carrero
  2. Cognaco
  3. Assasino
  4. Chocro
  5. Assasino Rosso
  6. Capto Grego
  7. Capto Assasino
  8. Capto Bruno

Check out our full Formal Shoe collection here:

Casual Shoe game for all occasions

While the office meeting days may ask for special formal dress codes, there are days you wish you awe the crowd with casual outfits. But again without the soles, it’s never complete. Here’s a sneak peek to Dmodot’s casual footwear collection for dapper men:


Monkstrap is a versatile footwear that is considered as an intermediate formal shoe. It pairs perfectly well with casual, business casual, and less formal business attire. Be it an office meeting or a promotional party, you can always count on these classics. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  1. Azzurro
  2. Domo Nera
  3. Domo Cognaco
  4. Monaco

Check out more of our stylish Monk Strap here


Loafers are a minimalistic and versatile pair of shoes that have been a styling icon since long. Their origin dates back to 1936 but they have adapted to the changing trend and have remained to be a modern gentleman's favourite when stepping out in casuals. Get one from our collection and be the man you always wanted to be:

  1. Penno Sapphiro
  2. Denaro
  3. Fumoso

Check out the full list of our handcrafted Loafers here:


Sneakers are for the dapper men who love to kill every occasion with their vivid dressing sense. Sneakers were probably the best footwear invention by humans as they not only go with the casual dressing but equally well with the formals. Here are our some best selling sneakers:

  1. Fresco
  2. Lustro
  3. Cobalto
  4. Bronzo

You’ll love these sneakers too!

Summing Up:

Be it an office meet or a casual hangout with office colleagues, never miss out on the chance to make a statement!!

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