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Tips and tricks on pairing sherwani and shoes - dmodot Shoes

Tips and tricks on pairing sherwani and shoes



We all know how there are thousands of rules and regulations at both weddings and fashion. What to follow? Who to follow? At the last minute you are like, it is my wedding. I will do whatever I want or you fall under peer pressure. Story of everyone’s life is it anywhere in the world. 

In India, earlier we used to have traditional white or cream sherwanis for the grooms but today, finally the trending fashion has changed. We have sherwanis in every colour possible and you can match it to your wedding themes, yes, those are in trend too. 

Another important thing to pair with your sherwani is the shoes. They are absolutely important, like nuclear secrets. Just Kidding! So anyway, moving forward let’s understand how you can better pair your sherwani and shoes for your wedding!

  • Bridging the traditionally modern town: 


  • Sherwani’s are mostly the go to’s for any traditional Indian wedding, no matter the religion. You can either pair them with a pair of brogues or oxfords. This pairing gives you a perfect blend of traditional attire with a modern step forward. They are chic and classy at the same time. They are available in the classic black and brown which pairs with almost any colour or if you want to go a little more intense you can find different colours and designs with the dameriino collection by dmodot. It is a collection of shoes which are unique in themselves. So, why not pair your amazing sherwani with something a little out of the box.

  • Full-too traditional:

  • Well, sherwanis are the Indian staple, so why not pair them with another Indian staple with a little bit of twist and kick. The incredibly elegant morjoris that dmodot offers are a dream come true especially for the long hours of wear that is surely gonna happen at the wedding. They are very versatile and can be used post-wedding as well. Mostly, we have seen people buying shoes that are one-time wear only for weddings but why not buy something which is more comfortable, classy, chic yet offers value for your money. We are sure nobody’s money grows on trees. If yours do, please tell us where we can find one too. Yes, so jokes aside. Why not spice up withe traditional sherwani with a traditional yet not so traditional leather kick up morjori by dmodot. 

  • Let’s not lower the loafer: 

  • So there is another shoe type which in itself is a bridge between the traditional footwear like the morjoris and the modern chic and hip. The loafers and moccasins. Available in different colours, designs and styles they brighten up your wardrobe considerably. Wearing them with your sherwani will make you stand out even more. They are not just a fashion statement, you can use these wonderful shoes by dmodot to show the world who you actually are. They allow you the freedom to choose something different and something unique. On the plus side, they are easy to wear, comfortable and will provide you value for money as you can use them in your everyday life too. 

    All these shoes of different styles and designs are a part of dmodot’s wedding and ethnic collection. Dmodot always focuses on how it can it’s customers happy and keep them comfortable as well. The wisdom, the love in the handcrafted collection by dmodot can be seen in the limited collection they carry. It is about the quality and not the quantity. The most important thing is that most of the shoes are long-lasting and water-proof. It is a long-term, value for money investment for you. So, let’s get ready for that wedding, shall we?

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