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What Do Your Shoes Say About You? - dmodot Shoes

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Have you ever wondered that out of thousands and thousands of shoe types and designs, why do you choose a specific shoe? What makes you say this is my type of shoe? Is it the colour? The comfort? The patter? The material or what?

The answer is that it is a matter of permutation and combination of all the above-mentioned things and your personality. Yes, that’s right your shoes reveal certain trait about you. Some of you might agree with this statement and some of you may not. For those of you who do not agree with this statement should know that we are not making this up.

A study was published in the year 2012 (yeah! The one with the doomsday mark) by the University of Kansas. Like we did not have enough ways to judge a person, it was proven by this paper that yes, the shoes worn by a person does reveal a lot about their personality. 

For the study, a group of strangers was brought together and shown pictures of another group of strangers (only their feet and their choice of shoe). They were asked to list the qualities ranging from their income to political views based on that image. The surprising part, however, came when the description given matched almost 90% of the traits of the person in the photo. 

Let’s discuss some of the characteristics behind different kinds of footwear:

  • Sneakers:

    Sneakers have mostly been associated with athleticism. Athleticism is further associated with being Goal- Oriented. This portrays you as someone smart and organised as well. Someone who is ready for new challenges.

  • Oxfords: 

    Oxfords are the classics you know. They show royalty, class, taste and high-income. They make you look professional and serious. They show that you have style. They portray you as intelligent and mature. They provide you with comfort along with confidence.

  • Chelsea Boots:

    Chelsea boots are worn by both men and women and hence, symbolises equality. They show your ability to grow, confidence and that you are ready to face a challenge. They portray you as a person with a strong sense of self. You are strong, a little aggressive and have a plan. 

  • Leather Sandals:

    They show that you are not afraid to be yourself. You are quirky and have a sense of adventure. You also, however, prefer stability and comfort. You enjoy outdoor activities. You like to live a laid back life and would like to avoid any conflicts. You enjoy being by yourself but like occasional hangs with your closed ones. 

  • Leather Chappals:

    Leather Chappals almost shows the same qualities as the leather sandals. You prefer stability and comfort. You are down-to-earth. You are an intellectual who preferably likes to read and have deep discussions on the various topics of life. You probably avoid small talks and would prefer to stay in and write or read. You are not as outdoorsy. You enjoy occasional, a once in a while kind of adventure. You like a no noise and no nuisance kind of life. 

  • Loafers:

    They show you as someone who likes to be comfortable. You are the one to follow the latest trends, have a sense of style and like to dabble in luxury. You are ok with both the cute and sexy element overall. You like to be free and not caged. You like to express yourself openly. 

Every shoe you see has a different style and characteristics. Even while writing this I was actually thinking of what kind of shoes I prefer and how does that define me. Is it all true?

Well, only one way to find out. Visit the dmo gallery and find your perfect match.

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