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Accessories that add an edge to any outfit - dmodot Shoes

Accessories that add an edge to any outfit


Keeping it simple, minimalistic and yet extraordinary? If this is your style mantra. Then, you are on the right page.

Fashion is not going Ga Ga over the trends but setting the trend. Sounds your style, right? 

If you believe in styling in the minimalistic and yet giving your outfit an edge. Then, let's dig in more of how an essential item helps you build a charming personality.

Accessories are something you choose to wear at last. It still adds an enduring look to your personality. It is a “Buy less, choose well” theory application. It has a strong impact on your dress and makes it a solid attire in one go. Accessories not necessarily have to be all the jewels but can be your essentials like belt, dress shoes, scarf and wallets. Surprised? Well today it is all about a minimalistic look and giving a gape of your personality. 

Lets us start with #ALL YOU NEED IS LESS.

Belts! Belts!

A classic belt should always be your good investment. Yes, the world has moved towards going without belt and digging in into a funky casual look. But hey! Don’t you get impressed by a well dressed man.  A classic leather belt adds an edge to your confidence. Be it formal dressing or casual, adding a belt is something you can never be guilty about. It makes you look smart, edges your dress and that too without any hassle.

It should match your other leather or minimalistic accessories. It is a savior to help your color blocking trend. Dmo’s belt collection is so sophisticated and yet simple that it can match your look from vintage to retro and casual. 

Dress Shoes

The most, most essential and stylish accessory to any outfit is your shoes. Why do you ask? Well, it is functional as it protects your feet and secondly, it is a complete package in itself. You just need to be aware of the right color and kind to go with your outfit. The best thing about the DMO's classic leather shoes collection is that it goes with every outfit, print, without print, perfect fitting suit, ethnic or casual. 

A well dressed man will choose the right shoes. It basically has to go with your other accessories color and style. It gives a glimpse to your neatness and authenticity. The right pick will serve you for years without investing much.

Remember,  the world is your runway and everyday you have to be your best. So, pick the right one.


An accessory speaking more about your activity and preferences. It not only just adds convenience to your life. It can not only be a great accessory but also for your convenience, accessibility and makes you look organised. 

You can dress casually or formally. A bag is a savior for you not to look puzzled and irresponsible. It may sound a bit off beat but it is not so. A laptop bag is a great investment to secure your technical stuff's security and giving out your vibe of sophistication.


Surprised? Well, don’t be wallets are always in fashion. Though this small but great game changer essential and functional piece is your and everyone’s most loved item.

This slimmer and well organised it is the more effect it gives without you showing it off. 

No one wants to know what you have in your wallet so choose the slimmest and more according to your regular needs. No! You don’t need to change according to any occasion or outfit but make sure it is more about your personality and accessibility with its minimal usage.

Card holder

Yes, you didn’t think of it as an accessory but more as an essential item being added to make your banking life easy. This card holder is a once in a blue moon thing but trust us, it uplifts your organisational skills and gives you an edge from others. 

Never! never!  Leave your house without this minimalistic item. A big time savior now in classic colors from DMO’s.

Today fashion is all about going minimal and choosing the right. Just like your preference, hassle free. So, why not buy essentials which are an accessory and make your outfit a solid look of the day, nailing it without a say. Make your shopping an investment which helps you in the long run and helps you stand out like you do, ALWAYS!

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