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How to pack shoes without ruining them - dmodot Shoes

How to pack shoes without ruining them



Almost every person I know likes travelling. There are a few who don’t but they are just that a few. However, there are many people who do like travelling but hate packing or just generally aren’t good at it. There are also many people who struggle with keeping their stuff as it is and not damage them while packing.

There are two very important things that one should have to pack, that is patience and tricks. You should know a few tips and tricks to pack which can make your life easier. These tricks can also help make your travel easier as you can carry more in a smaller space. I like to travel solo and can vouch that you are much happier when you don’t have too much to carry.  

Let’s discuss the few ways where you can pack your shoes without causing any damage to them:

  • Knowledge is Power: I say so because if you know about your shoes, you can finally understand how to pack them. Didn’t get it? Let me explain. If you know what shoes you own like say you own a pair of dmodot’s amazing Tranquillo sneakers. You know they are lighter in weight compared to your another pair of sneakers, so you know which one you are going to carry. Also, if you understand which pair is sturdy and which is not, you can choose your backpack accordingly and pack your shoes with care. 
  • As good as New: Once you know that a pair may require special care and you have space then, I would advise you to keep your original shoe boxes handy. It is better to pack your shoes especially the ones which can get damaged easily if your baggage is mishandled at the airport or railway station. You can make sure that your shoes don’t suffer. The dmodot shoes are a gem to have as they are sturdy and with a little care can be your partner for a long time. 
  • Gift Wrap: No we don’t want you to just give away your shoes. (Jokes apart) We are serious about the wrapping though. In case you are someone who does not like to keep the boxes and hence, does not have the shoeboxes then you can use paper or bubble wrap to pack your shoes. Also, you can stuff your shoes with socks or paper, to make sure they stay in shape while your luggage is bounced about in every direction. 
  • Shoe Type:  Well, it is very important to understand that not all shoes can be packed in one way. If you have a pair of bulky shoes then it is best if you pack them at the bottom of the bag or suitcase that you are going to carry. If you have to pack a pair of flip-flops then you should pack them last and keep them on top of each other. This way they take less space.

At dmodot our main aim is to make sure that our dots get the best quality of shoes ever. These small things should not take much time, after all, there is more to life than just packing. We love footwear and with our handcrafted shoes made with love and care, heart and soul, of our team we believe that we can bring a modern twist to the Indian Handicrafts and create products which keep our Indian Heritage alive. 

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