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The Leather Shoe Story - Carrying your Responsibilities! - dmodot Shoes

The Leather Shoe Story - Carrying your Responsibilities!


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Shoes have soles too and the most purest one as they don’t ask for any favours from you but just a little care and love. A man and his shoe share a special bond but humans have a habit of letting down good soles, and still great shoes have always carried a man’s responsibility.

Just like your true friend never leaves you during the tough times, leather shoes are always there carrying you during such tough times. So let’s honour these great soles by letting the world know of their story about how they have been carrying our responsibilities from the moment they are born. Read till the end to know how you can help the less fortunate by giving over your used shoes, after all great soles always fulfill their responsibilities till their last breath.

When an animal dies, a leather shoe is born

Yes, it’s true. Since a leather shoe is casted out of the animal hide, it is the natural death(killing is prohibited) of an animal(cow, goat, buffalo, snake, crocodile, etc) that gives birth to leather which is then given life as a sole. 

Step up your styling game 

Ever since a shoe is born and purchased, the first responsibility it oversees is to uplift your fashion game with its charm and elegance. No outfit is ever complete without the perfect pair of leather shoes to compliment it. 

Get you the dream job you always deserved

Remember the last time you carried a formal dress to your job interview without a formal leather shoe? Well, you don’t because the same formal shoe got you the dream job. Yes, it was your hard work that paid off but how never undermine the contribution of a formal leather shoe that made you so appealing.

The happiness of gifting a leather sole to someone special

When you gift something to a special someone, it is never about the value of the gift. But again the happiness of your father or mother or anyone special when they receive a pair of leather shoes is unmatched because they know they have got a sole they can trust for a long time to come. Every time they put on these great soles they feel proud and happy to be a part of the amazing shoe story.

Travel the rough and hard roads with you

People may leave you during the tough times but shoes are a man’s loyal friend that will always be there with you both during the tough and happy times. From recovering with a breakup to getting married to the love of your life, a great sole always carries you as his own responsibility without asking for something in return. 

Let this story have the climax it deserves

While you are done with your loyal soles, don’t just throw them away. They deserve respect and we care for such soles. Send us your shoes and we will make sure that they become good friends with those who are in need. This year, our Soles for Souls campaign is dedicated to the victims of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 of Delhi. 

You can send us footwear on the below address, which we will then get fixed and then distribute to the victims of the COVID-19 in North-East Delhi. 


125, First floor,

Shahpur Jat,

New Delhi - 110049

Ph: 011-42261211

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