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Soles For Souls

Dmodot, underprivelelged, csr initiative, helping india grow
Soles for Souls is a dmodot (previously known as Dameriino) initiative to simply fill the gap between the need for used shoes by the under-served and the fact that we’ve all always got some shoes we don’t wear anymore and can be put to better use by someone else.
Register below to take part, and we’ll arrange pickup. We’re looking at all your used shoes (men/women/unisex) that you’re happy to do away with, as long as they’re in usable and/or repairable condition. We then get them fixed and do distribution drives.
To make this nicer for all of us, there will be some special offers for those who contribute. 
Drop us a message below with your details and give us your address and a rough idea of the number of pairs you'd like to contribute.
dmodot, soles for souls, soles for bare feet, help initiative