About us

dmodot (read as d.m.o.-dot) previously known as Dameriino, founded in 2014, is a labour of love for the artistry of handcrafted leather footwear. At the core of this love is a tremendous focus on material, design, and functionality.
Leather is an incredibly wonderful and luscious material, often short-changed due to excessive treatment and design. dmodot works with leather craftsmen with skill and knowledge passed down over many generations. The tools and processes have evolved over the decades, only enabling us to transform our love into your shoes with more ease. Crafted with precision, the shoes showcase leather in all its versatile beauty and heritage.
dmodot lays emphasis on the need for fashionable footwear. The shoes, with clean lines, are designed to subtly make a statement of you taking steps ahead of the fashion curve. Channelling inspiration from abstract thoughts into great aesthetic and comfortable designs, the shoes are constructed with a great emphasis on ease of use. The designs and comfort make the shoe extremely versatile to dress up casual work attire or streetwear and always keep you party-ready.
These core beliefs have formed dmodot, a small effort in dressing men in fashionable footwear, straight from the artisans to your feet. We're giving you an alternative to the over-designed and over-priced shoes. With this model, we’re enhancing the lives of the craftsmen and maintaining a sustainable bottom line by taking out the middleman. We at dmodot strive to keep it simple and have created an online store for you to purchase our handmade treasures with minimal effort.
Traditions and craft, we believe, are not mass produced but put together with skill and love. To make shoes with an unparalleled focus on craftsmanship and quality, we only make a limited pair of each design, typically between 30 to 50.
In our effort to dress you in the best footwear, we make a limited quantity, which also enables us to experiment with our design and make available a larger range of these treasures at accessible price points.