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About us

Chief Dots - Pranav Sawhney & Abhishek Sharma
One tiny dot. Three tiny dots. From definite to unending, the dot knows it all. If you join the dots, it’s a line. If you join three, it’s a plan. A lover’s tiff ends with a dot, while an invitation for truce begins with three dots. It’s the beginning, also the end.

The dot is life itself, and dmodot hatched from the dot -- its ever evolving nature, its permanence. Founded in 2014, dmodot (read as d-m-o-dot) was earlier Dameriino and birthed from our love of handcrafted leather footwear. Like the dot, the brand has evolved to ease in subtlety with style.
Like the dot, the simplicity of the dmodot shoe stands out. It’s alive, never distracting.
At dmodot, we truly care about each and every pair of handmade shoe and our customers who choose to buy them. We know that great quality will make you happy, and we take pride in the high quality of our material, construction, and comfort. If you face any issues with the shoes, you can write in to us on info@dmodot.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.