Leather Footwear Style Guide 2021

How to pack shoes without ruining them

How to Pack Shoes Without Ruining Them
  Almost every person I know likes travelling. There are a few who don’t but they are just that a few. However, there are many people who do like ...

5 iconic shoe styles for men

5 Iconic Shoe Styles for Men
Shoes are like mini capsules for time travel. The designs, the structure, the pattern of every shoe has it’s own origin, it’s own history. The sho...

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

What Do Your Shoes Say About You
Have you ever wondered that out of thousands and thousands of shoe types and designs, why do you choose a specific shoe? What makes you say thi...

4 Shoes that you need this party season

4 Shoes that You Need this Party Season
We all know and understand how tricky 2020 has been for all of us. So we wanted to do something special for our dots. With 2020 coming to an end...

How to take care of your leather shoes

How to take care of your leather shoes
  Everything in the world no matter how tough it looks requires a little bit of gentle care, even your durable leather shoes. All leather from ful...

4 casual footwear styles for 2021

4 Casual Footwear Styles for 2021
  Over the last decade, a trend of themes has emerged in the mens’ footwear industry. Earlier majorly dominated by women footwear the fashion indu...

Value for Money Collection

Value for Money Collection
  We all today have so many social obligations and formal parties to attend. Everything requires us to follow a particular set of rules for wardro...

Tips and tricks on pairing sherwani and shoes

Tips and Tricks on Pairing Sherwani and Shoes
  We all know how there are thousands of rules and regulations at both weddings and fashion. What to follow? Who to follow? At the last minute you...


  We know it’s crazy to imagine a time when shoes didn’t exist. It started out as a simple need to protect our feet from things like stones, thorn...

Best Travel Shoes

Best Travel Shoes
    “Once a year, go someplace you've never been before” - Dalai Lama There are many people in the world who love to backpack. It has become a tren...

2020 fall-winter men's shoe trends

2020 Fall-Winter Men's Shoe Trends
  Hot chocolate, hoodies, cups of calming tea, crisp and cool air with colourful pretty leaves strewn around creating a rustic carpet for the snow...

Footwear: A Key component in making or breaking any look.

Footwear: A Key component in making or breaking any look.
Footwear has been one of the biggest aspects of fashion and a key component in making or breaking any look. Footwear has become a very strong passion for some and for some it is just a means to an end.