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Blog 13: Why we’re running the Soles for Souls campaign

A casual discussion to identify the core target audience for shoes led to a simple fact - everyone who has feet needs footwear. Discussion and banter quickly gave way to silence as someone passingly asked - “Yeah, but what about the guys who don't have footwear without it being a choice?”

This passing remark metamorphosed into Soles for Souls. We realised the need for shoes by those who can’t alway afford to buy them and simultaneously acknowledged that we’ve all got enough and more shoes lying around waiting to be worn, eventually disappearing into oblivion.

We got into action and set up something amazingly simple - we collect all used shoes that are in a wearable/repairable condition, get them fixed and hand them out to those who could do with some added warmth during the winters.

Please visit the Soles for Souls page for more information.

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