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Blog 14: The other kind of crazy!

You know, we’ve all got that one piece of clothing or accessory we’re crazy about. I’m not talking about the kind of crazy that’s an obsession for a season, or a couple of years. I’m scarily treading on the edge of being pre-possessed by the love for that piece of beauty. 

Fourteen years on, I think it’s safe to say my relationship with my brogues has been the most sustained and mutually-rewarding relationship of my adult life. I can’t remember a time I’ve walked past a shoe store, and not ogled at the brogues set beautifully under a spotlight in the store-front, subtly highlighting the accentuations and craftsmanship of a brogue shoe.

If you’re the kinds who doesn't own one yet, do it now!

And then continue to read the 4-part series on brogues that follows.

Think Tannino by Dameriino or Carbonio by Dameriino

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