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Blog 5: How much should you spend on a dress shoe (4/8)

Let’s analyse what makes up the price of a dress shoe. Foremost, it’s the quality of leather and sole, and their treatment costs, the kind of sole attached to the shoe, its material and production cost. And then money for craftsmanship, man hours and expertise, which is hardest to account for.


Next is the money you dole out for a brand’s infrastructure, real estate costs, and the brand value, of course.


What we charge for at Dameriino

When buying your Dameriinos, here’s what you pay for. The materials used are extremely high quality, sourced at competitive rates, keeping costs under check. Then is the cost of craftsmanship, from cutting the dye, fixing the shoe on the upper, hand-stitching soles, stringing through laces and final quality-check. Once we’ve paid all taxes, us Dameriino boys keep a little for ourselves and make the shoes available to you at accessible prices.

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