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Blog 15: Brogues (1/3) - The Origins

The exquisite piece of craftsmanship - The Brogue, was originally designed in Scotland and Ireland. The countryside being wet, made outdoor work a drudgery, giving good beating to the feet. The need for a sturdy shoe, suitable in such terrain, marked the rise of the Brogue.

It was originally a rudimentary shoe fabricated in untanned animal hide; distinctively known for a series of perforations and serrations of each leather piece used in their construction. This significant design, that allowed water to drain off the shoe & prevented them from sucking in mud, is now a style statement.

It had no tongue and used leather-tangs as laces tied above the ankle, which changed as the Brogue turned into a dress shoe from work shoe, adding a tongue and getting rid of extra-long laces. We can only thank the drudgery of outdoor work, for this beautiful shoe wouldn't be around otherwise.

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